5 Reasons To Get A Professional Office Cleaner

Rings in the toilet, stained coffee cups in the kitchenette, crumbs on the carpeting, and spills that go ignored. Sounds like a lot of offices across America – after all, your employees were hired to do a specific job and as their job description did not include cleaning… these adults just don’t. This is a … Read more

5 Tough Carpet Stains & How To Combat Them

When you first had your carpet put in you were probably seriously protective, right? Whether you offered everyone booties to cover their outside shoes or demanded that they take them off before venturing anywhere – you understood that your carpeting is an investment. No one was allowed to drink even a glass of water while … Read more

4 Great Tips For Easy Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows on your home doesn’t bring a whole lot of excitement but it also doesn’t need to be as tedious as it seems. There are a number of ways to make the process not only easier, but also faster – while at the same time, making sure the clear glass lasts longer. You … Read more

Spring Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

If you live and work in an area with chilly, dark winters, you know how great it feels to open all the windows and start cleaning when spring arrives. All of the dust, grime and stale air that has built up over the winter months is done away with. Items you no longer need are … Read more