What Should be Included in a House Cleaning?

cleaning a bathroom with gloves on and a spray in hand

When dealing with stainless steel appliances like the fridge and stove, use a soft microfiber cloth to buff so that you do not end up leaving some scratches behind. Then clean and disinfect the sink, fridge, stove, and dishwasher. Doing this prevents the growth of bacteria that would in turn lead to the growth of … Read more

Do I Need To Be at Home For a House Cleaning Service?

Indonesian couple cleaning their home

Some homeowners choose to stay at home for the first few cleanings because they are majorly afraid of theft, damage to property, and displacement of certain items around the house. If you do not have any plans for the day, you can choose to stick around and oversee the work done by your cleaning team. … Read more

What Items Are Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

mop cleaning wooden floor in house

Vacuuming Floors Our feet will always pick up dirt and debris from outside, especially if you live upcountry. In one way or another, all this dirt and debris contribute to the dust floating in the house. The first destination for such dust is the floor because it is in contact with the feet. When shaken … Read more

Top 7 House Cleaning Details You Must Pay Attention To

Regardless of how much you love and enjoy doing house chores, sometimes cleaning can be very problematic and full of endless hassles. Dirt and debris can be hidden in unexpected places where even clean freaks can find it very difficult to trace. It is therefore very vital to be keen and pay close attention to … Read more

How To Keep Your Kitchen Germ Free

A clean kitchen is a trick to a healthy family, and although sometimes we can become a little lazy with our cleaning practices, it’s vital that you change your habits now. A large number of illnesses caused by food can be avoided with some simple cleaning methods. A germ-free kitchen is hard to achieve on … Read more