How to Clean Windows after Construction

Cleaning windows, after you are done with a construction project, is of paramount importance because you need to get rid of construction dust, paint, adhesives, and other debris that the windows might have collected during the construction period. Since you will mostly be dealing with construction waste, cleaning windows cannot be compared to any other form of regular cleaning that you do. Therefore, it can be a tough project to undertake and that is the reason why this article gives you tips on the best way to go about post-construction window cleaning.

Steps to Follow to Clean Windows after Construction

  • Get the Right Tools

The first thing you will need to do is gather the right tools to clean your windows. One of the best tools for this task is a squeegee because it is less abrasive for glass. You can also get a shop vacuum cleaner, shop rags, and a glass scraper.

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For the vacuum cleaner, be sure to get a heavy-duty one and not your ordinary household vacuum.

  • Remove Construction Residue

After gathering the right tools, the next thing you need to do is remove construction waste stuck on your windows. You can use the shop vacuum to remove dust and debris settled on your windows. As you do this, make sure the hose is about 1 inch away from the window to prevent any scratches and damage. If you have any dust or debris left even after using the vacuum, you can remove the remaining dirt using a broom.

  • Scrape Away Paint and Caulk

After you are done with dusting, it is now time to remove paint and caulk from the glass surface. This is a process that you can do using a glass cleaner to scrape these elements away. When doing this, ensure to hold the blade at a good angle that will allow you to scrape across the glass surface. You can also make use of the blade around the edges of the glass.

  • Clean the Window

Not all dust will be eliminated through scraping and vacuuming. Therefore, you have to clean the surface to ensure you remove all debris. It is now time to get the glass as wet as possible to remove the debris left behind. At this stage, you should not use a damp piece of cloth or rag, as it can leave streaks and marks on the glass. Instead, make use of a water bottle to soak the glass. As you do this, ensure to saturate the dust or paint that you were unable to remove during the initial stages.

After that, make use of the squeegee to wipe all the water left behind plus the residue. Continue wetting down the glass surface as required to create moisture, which the squeegee will wipe off. In case of thick dust that cannot be cleaned by a squeegee, make use of a rag to clean off the residue.

Repeat this process until you have properly cleaned the windows and they look sparkling clean. However, if you are still left with unsightly breaks on the windows, just use a glass cleaner on your window then wipe it down with crumpled newspaper instead of a cloth or rag. This will give you better results as the newspaper does not absorb the cleaner in the same way as a cloth or rag. Therefore, it will not leave behind any streaks or marks. In addition to this, a newspaper is quite soft and will not scratch the window or cause damage to it.

Precautions When Working With Windows

Windows are quite susceptible to scratching and damage. Therefore, you need to clean them cautiously to reduce any chances of damaging the glass. When removing construction waste, you may want to consider scrubbing over scrapping because the former prevents chances of ending up with scratched or damaged glass. However, this can be quite a labor extensive, a major reason why you want to consider hiring a window cleaning expert.

As you have seen, cleaning windows after a construction project, whether at home or a business premise can be quite an overwhelming endeavor. Glass is a material prone to damage and scratches, meaning you have to navigate several dangers when cleaning windows after the contractors have done their job. To reduce any issues, you might want to hire the services of qualified window cleaners. They are well aware of these dangers, as they have been in the game for quite a long time. Professionals can easily work around any hurdles that come with cleaning windows after construction and still manage to leave them sparkling clean.