What Are The Best Ways to Clean High Rise Windows?

Windows are not only meant to protect you against the cold and rain during harsh weather conditions but they also prevent dirt, debris, and dust from finding its way into your living spaces. As a result, windows tend to get so dirty and when they go for long without a thorough cleaning, you may never get enough sunlight like the one you are supposed to. Furthermore, dirty windows are not appealing at all.  With that in mind, this article looks at some of the many ways to clean high rise windows.

  • Invest in High Tech Cleaning Devices

High-tech robotic window cleaners are one great option to have your windows clean and avoid climbing the shaky ladder. They come in a wide range of designs and amazing features like a remote control so that you can control from the comfort of your couch, wait and watch as the device works its magic. Some are quiet so that you do not have to worry about them interfering with your baby’s nap. With some of these devices, you can sit on the couch and read some chapters of a book as the device does the job on the window.

window washer working  wash glass on building
Although they may cost a little more than other cleaning kits, they are worth it, bearing in mind the amount of time and effort they save you.

  • Bring the Windows to You

Some windows, especially the sliding ones, come in a design that allows you to remove them any time you do the cleaning. All you have to do is schedule a favorable day without strong winds, storms, dust, and rain. You do not want rain and dust ending up in your clean and dry living spaces. The windows are usually heavier than they look so be very careful as they can be swayed off your hands by the wind. To avoid this, consider getting help from family if you do not have very strong hands. If you have a carpeted floor, consider laying a draped cloth to prevent the dust on the window from falling on the carpet.

  • Use a Ladder to Access the Windows

This option may not work for a good number of people but it is still a great option for those that have no issue with heights. For your safety, consider getting a high quality and sturdy ladder and ensure its feet stand on level ground. Then have a bucket containing the cleaning solution and the tools you need for the job. This prevents you from moving up and down to pick cleaning tools, which wastes a lot of your turn over time. If you do not have a level ground, consider using a table to access the dirty windows.

  • Buy a Window Cleaning Kit

A window cleaning kit comes with a U-shaped cleaning equipment. It has a handle to hold on to from inside the house, while the part on the outside has its end mounted to a squeegee, cleaning sponge, or cloth. By moving the handle from inside the house, you can move the cleaning head all over the dirty window and leave it sparkling clean without having to dangle over the high wall. You buy one from the local supplies store near you or you could even shop it online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Hire Professional Window Cleaners

The best and most effective way of cleaning high-rise windows is by hiring professional window cleaning services. These are the best since they will save you from the heavy toll the height takes on your adrenalin. They come with the right tools for the job so that you do not have to waste your money and time gathering the tools. They do the job with lots of professionalism, and quietly, without interfering with your nap or waking up a baby sleeping in the next room. They also pay attention to detail and they will be done with the job even before you realize they were there in the first place. It is the best way to have clean sparkling windows if you cannot spare some time for the task and have fear of heights.

Not having money to hire professionals or buy a cleaning device and kits is not reason enough to be living with dirty windows. Although it sounds weird, you can also clean your high rise windows using your mop while standing on the ground. Keep agitating, rinsing, and squeezing cleaning solution from the mop from time to time and you will eventually achieve a clean window.