Always Immaculate Cleaning FAQs

Yes, we’re bonded and insured. We provide proof of insurance prior to our first visit.

Always Immaculate, has been proudly servicing Monmouth and Ocean Counties for over two decades.

We gladly accept all major credit cards. Checks are also welcome.

We want to make your experience as convenient as possible.

We observe all the major holidays. We work Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day and for special circumstances throughout the year.

Depending on your rotation (monthly, bimonthly, weekly, etc…) we automatically schedule your next appointment. No need to confirm unless you need to change your scheduled appointment.

We provide you with a 30 minute window for the crew’s arrival. If they’re running ahead/behind we’re sure to call to notify you.

Absolutely! In the event we have to move something (chair, table or bed) we will without a doubt put it back to where we found it.

Not only do we clean the glass on the inside & the outside but we also clean the screens, frame, and the window sills.

We take the utmost pride in leaving our clients home in the most pristine condition.

We do move all your furniture, and appliances. The only items not moved are those with fragile contents i.e. china cabinet, entertainment unit or curio cabinet.

The choice is entirely yours! We encourage you to be present for the initial cleaning but it is whatever you’re most comfortable with.

There is never a travel charge however; we do have a minimum that we send the crew out for.

If for any reason you need to change or cancel an appointment we kindly ask that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance or there will be a charge.

If for any reason you find yourself not 100% satisfied please contact us immediately. We will be more than happy to send the crew back to correct any issues. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us!

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

It depends on how many rooms you’re having cleaned. For instance, one hallway, a small bedroom, and a standard sized living room would take about an hour and half to complete.

Typically, the carpets are dry by the time the crew leaves but no more than 1-2 hours.

We can’t guarantee that all stains will come out but we do have a very high success rate with stain removal. Prespray and deodorizer is applied before the cleaning process even begins.

We most certainly do. It’s the same hot water extraction system we use to clean your carpets.

We recommend a maintenance program using “encapsulation”. Once the product is put on the carpet, it is activated every time you vacuum!

Once your carpets have been cleaned, we recommend having them treated with our 3M Scotchgard. Scotchgard allows the substance to sit on the surface of the carpet/upholstery without soaking in, providing you time to clean it up.

House Cleaning FAQs

We start off by providing you with a free in home consultation. We do a walkthrough of your home and provide you with a written estimate of services.

Some clients put their pets away while others leave them free to roam. The choice is yours. If you’re more comfortable with the dog being away that is fine with us, whatever would be safest.

Some clients prefer to be home while the cleaning takes place while others would like the crew finished and gone when they arrive home. If you choose to provide us with a key it is kept in our secured office until your scheduled appointment.

We provide all the supplies and equipment needed to do the job thoroughly. All the cleaning supplies, mops, cloths, vacuum, we bring it all!

If you’d prefer we use your products we simply ask that you leave it out for the crew and we will instruct them to use your products.

We like to have the same crew come to your home each and every time. That allows the crew to know your likes/dislikes and you are able to build a relationship with the people who are in your home.

You most certainly can! We also carry shoe covers in our vans so that is also an option available to you.

Our rates are based on an hourly figure. The first time cleaning is calculated at different rate than continuous on-going service. We recommend that you use our service at least up to every 6 weeks after you’ve invested in your initial cleaning. By using the service at least every 6 weeks that allows the crew to maintain your initial cleaning as well keeping the rate at the lower man hour.

We do laundry at your request. Dishes are loaded into the dishwasher if the sink is full and/or washed by hand.

We have a separate crew that specializes in window cleaning. They clean the inside, the outside, all screens and windowsills. Window cleaning is based on a per window charge that is dependent on the style of the window.

The only things we don’t clean is the inside of your china cabinet or anything containing breakables. We most certainly can but only at request.

If something happens to break in our hands during a cleaning we will replace that item for you.

If you’re not satisfied with any service we encourage you to contact the office immediately and we will send the crew back out to rectify those issues.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment for any reason we kindly ask that you give the office a call at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a fee.

If your scheduled date happens to fall on a holiday, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment. We try to get you as close to your regularly scheduled appointment as possible.

Tipping the crew is entirely up to you.

We carry a natural product line if you prefer that. It is available at no additional cost to you. Please just advise us that you prefer to use that and we will gladly do so.