Window Cleaning

Often times window cleaning can be a hassle. For a home or business owner, it can be very time consuming and potentially dangerous if you do not use the correct equipment. Cleaning windows is much harder than you would think, and there is no room for mistakes. One wrong move and you could cause damage to your windows and potentially breaking them.

For business owners appearance matters. Also the way you keep up on your office or building says a lot about you and the cleanliness of your company. The first thing that catches peoples attention when entering your workplace are your clean windows.

Windows can be a great ambassador for your company. But having dirty windows can can give your company a bad first impression. This is why window cleaning services are extremely valuable to you. “Always Immaculate” window cleaning service provides you with a high-gloss finish, adding more life to your windows.


There are many different types of glass, which is why having a dedicated cleaning company that will expertly handle the needs of which the glass requires is of the upmost importance. It is very easy to damage windows if you do not clean them properly, which is why having a professional cleaning service is a smart, and safer option. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional window cleaning service.

Clean windows do not just provide your building with a beautiful look, but rather protects your windows. Dirty windows can cause a lot of damage, the dirt and dust build up can cause scratches and blemishes that will require you to buy new ones. Our cleaning service uses safe products that clean and protect your windows.

Clean windows can provide the final touch that you need to your home. When you dust or sweep your home, you most likely forget to clean the windows as well. Properly cleaned windows provide a gorgeous touch to the inside and outside of your home, but can require replacement if not done correctly. This is one of the many reasons to chose a professional cleaning service that has experience. Our window cleaning specialists work quickly and effectively to make your windows look as good as new! Clean windows allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the outdoors, as well as adding aesthetic value to your home.

Did you know that cleaning both sides of your windows is important to their life span?

To have a clear view through your windows, you must clean both sides, to improve the look and life. But another question is raised, what products should be used to acquire effectively clean windows? Many window cleaning products that are sold by stores contain chemicals that are actually harmful to your windows, and have an unpleasant smell. Cleaning the windows on the outside of your home could potentially be dangerous because of the height and the rickety ladders in use, creating more harm to yourself. The safest option for you and your windows is to use a professional window cleaning service.

Well taken care of windows have a much longer lifespan than neglected windows. Windows that are not routinely cleaned or maintained will show premature signs of etching and will result in weaker glass that can easily shatter. Did you know that etching can be caused by sand, salt, and even heavy rainfall? By having your windows professionally cleaned, this will decrease the rate of etching and increase the lifespan of your windows.

The best time to clean your windows is NOW! Window cleaning for us is year round and many of our clients have their windows cleaned multiple times a year. If you own a business we recommend you clean your windows at least once a month.

Keeping your business looking sharp is important to drawing in new customers and receiving the respect you and your company deserves. To keep a home looking presentable, only requires window cleaning once or twice a year. But to have a house look its best and stand out, we recommend a quarterly cleaning. Weather plays a huge role in how frequently your home or business requires window cleaning.

Beach houses or businesses near the ocean require more frequent window cleaning due to the salt deposits that will stick and corrode your windows; leading to early window replacement.

Our main objective is to make life easier on you and save you money! We eliminate your need to buy expensive cleaning supplies. To get the most out of your homes natural appeal we recommend cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows. Not only will clean windows make your home look presentable but it will leave your windows looking “Always Immaculate”!