What Exactly Is Deep Cleaning?

No matter how clean we may be or however much we try, we can never manage to clean everything and all corners of the house on daily basis. When doing regular cleaning, only the visible surfaces and things are cleaned. The high touch and hard to reach areas have to wait for another schedule. This is where deep-cleaning comes in, to reach the high touch and hard to reach areas while paying attention to detail. Unfortunately, for a good number of people out there, they do not know what to expect from deep cleaning or what exactly it entails. This article debunks what deep cleaning is exactly because whether you are buying professional deep cleaning services or doing a DIY, understanding what deep cleaning is exactly is important.

Why Deep Cleaning Is Important

Deep cleaning your house or workplace comes with loads of benefits. It helps in maintaining the aesthetic value of the house and ensuring that features and equipment meet their shelf life. It also saves you lots of money because when equipment and features reach their shelf life, you will need less or no repairs and maintenance at all.

How to Disinfect Everything
When doing deep cleaning, some underlying issues are detected and corrected before they get out of hand and cause massive structural damage. Deep cleaning prevents health issues for you and your family since bacteria and pests like mold and mildew will be non-existent.  Conducting a deep cleaning occasionally makes your work easier since you take less time when doing regular cleaning.

Tools and Products for Deep Cleaning

Just like any other project, adequate preparation lies at the core of deep cleaning. One of the main aspects of deep cleaning preparation is gathering the tools and products to use for the process. Among the many items, you will need when deep cleaning includes a large bucket, a smaller one, spray bottle, warm water, dish soap, bleach, sanitizer, mop, microfiber cloths, a pair of plastic gloves, and a draped cloth. Having the necessary tools and products beforehand prevents you from going back to the supplies store thus saving you lots of time so that you can do a thorough deep cleaning.

What Needs To Be Cleaned During Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning entails cleaning everything in all corners of the house. If you are not a very active and handy person, prepare to get your hands ‘dirty.’ It is the time to bend and stretch to reach the most hidden and high touch areas of the house. Such areas include the walls, ceiling and ceiling fans, underside of the countertops, and tables, toilet seats, and bathtub. It is also the most opportune moment to clean and rearrange the attic, utility room, and garage. For those of us who are not very handy or lack the willpower, there is an alternate; professional cleaning services.

Where to Start

There is a specific procedure to follow when deep cleaning; you do not just wake up and start from anywhere. When deep cleaning, always do one chore throughout the house. For example, if it is dusting the walls, deal with the walls of the whole house. It can be a little tiring to keep starting over a chore whenever you shift rooms. As you do that, remember to start with the high touch areas, working your way down to the floor. Use the draped cloth to cover the furniture so that agitated dust does not settle on them.

How Often is Deep Cleaning Done?

Unlike regular cleaning that is done on daily basis, deep cleaning is done once a week or fortnightly. This is because it requires a lot of work and doing it every day or every other day is impractical. Ensure to have your kids out of the house while doing a deep cleaning; you do not want them messing your freshly clean walls and make you keep going back. Always wear protective eye gear and a pair of plastic glasses to prevent you from the corrosive chemicals. Never at any time try to mix cleaning chemicals without the guidelines of the manufacturer. To be sure and avoid risks, ensure to use only EPA approved cleaning chemicals. Remember to open all the windows and doors when deep cleaning. It helps aerate the rooms so that chemical fumes diffuse faster and easier.

Now that you know and understand what deep cleaning entails, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you are the busy type, you can hire professional cleaning services and save yourself the time hassles.