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Say Goodbye to Tough Stains

Don't panic if the carpets in your office or home are starting to look worse for wear. Always Immaculate, Inc offers thorough carpet cleaning services in Bradley Beach, Toms River, & the surrounding Ocean & Monmouth Counties. Our advanced extraction machine uses hot water and hypoallergenic cleaning agents to remove tough stains with ease.

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Discover the benefits of encapsulation carpet cleaning

Choose Always Immaculate for hot water extraction or encapsulation carpet cleaning services in Bradley Beach, Toms River, & the surrounding Ocean & Monmouth Counties. Encapsulation uses a crystalizing, acrylic polymer to break the bonds between dirt and fibers. Once the bonds are broken, the dirt can be vacuumed up with ease. Encapsulation is beneficial because:

It dries quickly
It minimizes wicking and resoiling
It will extends the life of your carpets
It doesn't require a lot of water

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Specializing in: Oriental Carpets, Wool Carpets, and much more!

Nothing says fresh quite as well as a carpet cleaned by Always Immaculate, Inc. Our professionally trained and certified technicians use the latest techniques and state of the art equipment to leave your carpets looking, smelling and feeling new. Our technicians use different procedures that have been tried and proven effective by industry leaders with years of innovative experience.

Did you know that carpets act as a filter holding onto dust and dirt to prevent it from becoming airborne?
When a carpet becomes overloaded with dust and dirt particles it becomes difficult for it to successfully do its job of filtering. Carpets that cannot filter properly leave room for allergies to be triggered.

What do we do?

Our truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning system penetrates deep into the fibers of your carpet removing all dust and dirt that has been residing where it does not belong. Our odor and stain removal success rate is unmatched. Always Immaculate, Inc., provides you with a carpet cleaning experience so thorough you not only see the cleanliness but you can also feel it in the air. With regular vacuuming and Always Immaculate, Inc.'s, state of the art carpet cleaning procedure you are sure not be disappointed.


Polymers crystalize soil particles into dry residues on contact, in a process known as encapsulation. Working like tiny sponges, the deep-cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from the carpet. The cleaning agent is applied by a rotary machine and the dry residue is vacuumed immediately. Encapsulation carpet cleaning also keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time due to the continuous cleaning even after we're gone. Encapsulation also avoids the drying time of traditional carpet shampoos, making the carpet immediately walkable.