What Items Are Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

There are two main types of cleaning namely basic and deep house cleaning. Basic cleaning entails the normal light cleaning while deep cleaning involves going deep into details. Basic house cleaning is or should be done more often, usually every 2 days or even daily, depending on the level of activity in your house. Deep cleaning on the other hand is done once in a while since it takes lots of time. However, this article focuses on basic cleaning. Understanding the items included in basic house cleaning can help you prepare adequately for the job.

  • Making Beds

Bed making entails changing the sheets and pillowcases, and washing them. Bedding such as sheets and duvets attract a lot of dust from the floor and surrounding environment. They also dissipate fibers that contribute to the dust found in the house. When you stay for long without changing them, you may end up with so much dust in the house and this is not very healthy. When doing basic cleaning, start by removing the bedding and let them clean in the washer as you take care of the floors.

mop cleaning wooden floor in house
  • Vacuuming Floors

Our feet will always pick up dirt and debris from outside, especially if you live upcountry. In one way or another, all this dirt and debris contribute to the dust floating in the house. The first destination for such dust is the floor because it is in contact with the feet. When shaken off, this dust rises and sticks to the walls, windows, and bedding. To prevent this scenario, we should normalize dusting our floors more often. The best way to clean the floors is by cleaning them with a HEPA filter enabled vacuum. This is because apart from dust, they also pick up human hair and pet dander.

  • Trash Removal

Basic cleaning is never complete without trash removal from the living space. It should come first before anything else. You do not want to clean your floors, only to spill it with food trash later when removing waste. Trash not only looks bad, but it also harbors lots of dust in the house. It can also result in poor air quality when it stands in the way of free airflow from the vents. Since it creates a dark environment, this could result in mold growth. To effectively remove trash from your house, have three plastic garbage bags; black for food waste, green recyclable waste, and blue for non-recyclable waste. What you may not know is that those old items you have been holding on to can generate some extra cash when sold.

  • Appliance Dusting

Upon getting into the house, dust settles on the floor before it rises to the surfaces when shaken off. To clean your appliances off the dust, use a wet piece of microfiber cloth warm soapy water in a spray bottle. Any other type of dry cloth may scratch the surfaces or spread the dust even more. The appliances that you can easily deal with during basic cleaning include the microwave, the stove, and the front of the fridge. Before you begin cleaning the appliances, always ensure to disconnect them from the power supply to avoid being electrocuted.

  • Bathroom Cleaning

Due to intensive use of water and soap, bathrooms always take the most beating from dirt accumulation. When this happens, they become disgusting and that is not all, they can be a perfect breeding ground for mold and pathogens. Due to dirt accumulation, tiles can become slippery and cause accidents where you can sustain serious body injuries. For this reason, they will need regular basic cleaning. To clean your bathroom effectively, start by washing the shower curtains and the mat. Afterward, clean features such as the vanity mirror, toilet, sink, bathtub, all the way down to the floor. For the tiles, use a hard brush to scrub them, especially along the grout lines then rinse with lots of water.

The best and most effective way of basic cleaning your house is by hiring a professional cleaner. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job effectively and faster than you can. In addition, they will save you the hassles you would have to go through if you are very busy. After all, you need this time to spend with family and concentrate on your business or work. Understanding what to expect in basic house cleaning is critical because it will help you pick the right cleaner, depending on their testimonials.