Do I Need To Be at Home For a House Cleaning Service?

If you are hiring cleaning services for the first time, you may be worried about whether to stay at home or allow them to do their work while you continue with your program for the day. Many insecurities that disturb your peace of mind revolve around theft, vandalism, and reorganizing items in the way you do not see fit.

Most companies that provide in-home cleaning services are often insured against problems that may be caused by their employees such as theft and damages. The decision to stay at home for a house cleaning service may vary from one person to another.

This article gives insights on whether it is necessary to stay at home during house cleaning by the professionals.

Reasons to Stay or Leave Your Home during a House Cleaning Service

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Some homeowners choose to stay at home for the first few cleanings because they are majorly afraid of theft, damage to property, and displacement of certain items around the house. If you do not have any plans for the day, you can choose to stick around and oversee the work done by your cleaning team. Other homeowners have bad experiences with previous cleaners who never met their expectations. Because of this reason, they would prefer to remain at home and micromanage the cleanout.

However, most house cleaning services only work from Monday to Friday, when most people are busy in their workplaces. Because of this reason, you may have to leave home for work and allow the cleaning service to do their job. The decision of whether you can trust a house cleaning service depends on their reputation and if they are bonded and insured. The cleaning company needs to carry general liability insurance that protects the homeowner in case of damage to property.

Other cleaning companies have a type of bond that offers protection from theft by employees. As long as you are assured of safety and that your house will be cleaned to perfection, you do not need to be at home during a house cleaning service.

Why Should You Leave Your House during a Cleaning Service?

  • It Increases Productivity

Although your cleaner can do the same tasks they were going to do if you were not around, they are likely to feel uncomfortable with someone watching over their shoulder. Not that they have done anything wrong, but because they have some space to work on their own. Since they already know what to do, having somebody sit there all day makes them feel like they are being judged for every single detail.

  • Allows Cleaners to Follow an Efficient Routine

The cleaning service team follows certain guidelines when cleaning a room. They need to pull everything out, do a thorough clean, and put them back in place. If you are moving around the house picking up one thing at a time, the cleaners may have to go all over the place once more just to ensure the room is clean.

  • It Gives You Time to Run Your Errands

Instead of spending your time at home watching the cleaners do their job, you can take that time to run your errands. You do not have to lose your time for important meetings and other regular activities just because people are cleaning your house.

Tips to Ensure Your Home is Tidy and Secure

You can always get recommendations from your friends and family members on the best cleaning company. Once you have settled on a potential cleaning service, make a list of your needs in advance and meet with your service provider for a frank conversation. This helps you to point out any problem areas and detail what you are always precise about. Most importantly, you need to realize that trust takes time.

If you cannot stay home because you have a busy schedule but you are worried about the safety of your house, you can always check your camera remotely to see how the cleaning is done. Most professional cleaning services are bonded and insured against issues that offer protection against theft or damage to property. There comes a time when you have to give the cleaning service team your keys or alarm codes.

The decision to stay at home for a house cleaning service comes down to your level of trust with your service provider. It may seem like a challenge to find a trustworthy cleaning service, especially if you have never hired one before. Although you may be nervous about giving strangers access to your home, many homeowners find it worth the cost as it saves them a lot of time and energy.