Top 5 Office Floor Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

The floor is the first thing that customers and clients see first when they set their feet into your office. Unfortunately, the floor is one area in the office that is prone to be overlooked and forgotten while doing office cleaning. A clean and organized office is crucial to the productivity of the company. A clean office makes employees happy and more focused on executing their responsibilities. This means that the office should be kept clean and tidy by all means necessary. Since you do not always have to call in professional cleaning services, this article gives you some tips you can apply and leave your office sparkling clean.

  1. Check and Repair Cracks

The office, unlike home floors, is frequented by heavy traffic and dragging of heavy equipment that ranges from printers and furniture. As a result, there is too much pressure exerted on the floor and when combined with the normal process of wear and tear, the floor can always crack. Such cracks pose a safety and health hazard to you and your employees because you can take a fall and the cracks can harbor mold growth.

Happy Male Worker With Broom Cleaning Office Corridor
So before you begin the cleaning, check for cracks, and have them repaired some days before the cleaning. Repairing the cracks during cleaning only works by making them bigger because when debris and dirt from other corners settle in the cracks, they will cause expansion and make them bigger than they previously were.

  1. Use the Equipment Properly

One thing that can happen during office floor cleaning is damage. This is imminent if you are using the wrong tools. Having the right tools is not enough; you have to use the right way for you to clean your office floor. One of the many ways of using your equipment properly is by cleaning it often and effectively. Clean the equipment now and then in the middle of your cleaning. This will prevent dirt from returning to the places you have already cleaned.

  1. Wax it Off

Waxes make the floor shine and sparkle just like they used to be when they were new. Thanks to the latest developments, there are now waxes for all types of floors including acrylic and marble. All you have to do is to first conduct a thorough cleaning before you apply the wax on the floor. The best thing about floor waxes is that they provide the floor with a protective layer that protects it against stains and fading. If you are not sure about the wax, you can try on a smaller area and see the results.

  1. Use Tile and Grout Protector

Another concern when cleaning office tile is the grout, especially when dealing with tough cleaning solutions and floor scrubbers. The good news is that there are solutions that come with tile and grout protective properties that help maintain the original look of your tile. That being said, it is important to be on the lookout for such solutions when you shopping for office floor cleaning tools.

Speaking of cleaning solutions, some of these, especially those meant for floors are usually corrosive that if extra care is not taken, they might just end up damaging the office floor instead of cleaning it. On the other hand, you want a strong enough solution that will remove the hard on stains from the surface. The key to an effective office floor cleaning is to read the user instructions carefully before using or mixing the solutions.

  1. Use Floor Scrubbers

Sometimes, mop and vacuum cleaner are not always the best when it comes to cleaning a tile floor. They may not always get the job done especially when you have hard stains and dirt trapped in the grout. In this case, there are scrubbers specially designed for floors; they are tough enough for stains and less abrasive to avoid damaging the sealant on the tiles. This way, you are guaranteed a clean and intact office floor. Although you may not always scrub your office floor when cleaning it, it is good to do it more often if you want to maintain its great shiny look.

Although you can clean your office’s floor by yourself or with the help of your staff, doing such cleaning can be tricky for office occupants. The best thing is to hire professional cleaning services. They have the knowledge and expertise to do a thorough job. In addition, they know what solutions and tools to use to execute their duties for a sparkling clean office floor.