What Type Of Cloth Should I Be Using To Clean My House?

The type of cloth you should use to clean your house may vary in size, shape, and texture depending on the surfaces you intend to clean. Some clothes are specific to certain uses while others are more versatile and can be used to clean different surfaces. Of the various types of cleaning cloths used at home, a microfiber towel is more popular for its versatility and surface-friendly texture. This article discusses some of the major types of cloths used in cleaning and the reason the microfiber towel is ideal for your cleaning chores.

The Major Types of Cleaning Cloths Used In Homes

  • Sponge Cloth (Scourer)

A sponge cloth is an ultra-versatile tool that is great for cleaning dishes and countertops. Unlike a normal cloth, it can hold liquid to make it easier for you to clean continuously. It can be washed in a machine and reused several times without losing its texture. Sponge cloths are also biodegradable in a home compost bin.

Kitchen rag for cleaning blue color

They can also be easily be carried because they are lightweight. It is great for washing small areas such as soiled walls and other areas that need a little textured cloth to get rid of dirt.

  • Dishtowel

This type of fabric is made up of exceptionally permeable cotton. It makes it helpful for drying spills, stains on the table, and is often used to dry dishes. You can choose to have packs of 4 or more dishtowels or a basic drying towel roll that can be segmented and disposed of after every use. The good thing about dishtowel cloths is that they can always be washed and reused often. They also get several other uses like wiping down food containers and drying other wet cutlery in the kitchen.

  • Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is probably one of the best and most used clothes to clean around the house. They are made of engineered woven fiber and are often recommended in the reduction of microscopic organisms. This type of cleaning cloth is available in an assortment of sizes and can be used to clean sensitive surfaces that are prone to scratches. Unlike other types of cleaning cloths, they are soft and have several uses in a home.

Practical Uses of Microfiber Cloths in Your Home

  • Kitchen Countertops

A microfiber cloth can easily wipe away countertop messes that are common in the kitchen. Unlike paper towels, they are reusable and can always be washed clean, dried, and used once again. Rather than using a chemical cleaner, a microfiber cloth can pick up a larger percentage of bacteria with just water. This reduces the number of commercial cleaner sprays used in a day to get the job done.

  • Bathroom Surfaces

Many surfaces around the bathroom need constant cleaning to rid them of germs and bacteria. Counters, mirrors, showerheads, and faucets get dirty pretty quickly. Since you want to avoid as many scratch marks as possible when cleaning different bathroom surfaces, a microfiber cloth can handle this task perfectly. You might need a different set of microfiber cloths when taking on heavy-duty cleaning tasks in your bathroom. You can always interchange these cloths to ensure no dirt is left behind.

  • Baseboards

Getting your baseboards sparkling clean is probably one of the cleaning tasks most people never think about often. Although the idea of getting your hands and knees dirty just to get those baseboards clean might seem like a nightmare, it is quick and easy with a microfiber cloth. It has microscopic split fibers that take a single swipe to grab dust and dirt particles.

  • Electronics

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic components around the house need to be dusted off from time to time, as they get grimy with constant use. The reason why most cleaning professionals recommend microfiber towels is because they are gentle enough when cleaning the fragile screens and polished exterior surfaces of electronics. With this type of cloth at your disposal, you can give them a good wipe-down without causing any slight damage to your electronic surfaces.

When choosing the type of cloth to clean your house, you need to consider its different applications and the impact it has on the surfaces you intend to clean. There is still much out there in your home that a microfiber towel can clean easily without much struggle. Unlike other types of cleaning fabric, microfiber cloths not only keep your home surfaces clean but also help to get rid of germs and bacteria. They are always available in different designs, colors, and sizes to suit your cleaning needs.