What Are The Best 30 Minutes Daily Cleaning Routines?

Cleaning a house is a meticulous endeavor that needs to be undertaken thoroughly to ensure that it is always in pristine condition. Cleaning your house daily for 30 minutes ensures that it is always in an impeccable state and this is vital since a subsequent deep cleaning will not be as tasking as the house will not be in absolute chaos. This routine is crucial and there is usually a procedure that ought to be adhered to though this varies from person to person as some people prefer to have a freestyle routine without following any pre-established guidelines. It is good to know the point of commencement and the point of completion to get it done fast and more so efficiently. This article will provide a clear outline of how this ought to be done.


It is always important to start with the ceilings followed by the cabinets downwards. Dusting is also another step that should not be overlooked due to accumulated dirt and debris. The kitchen cabinets are quite prone and susceptible to dirt and debris and other forms of grime.

Husband housekeeping and cleaning concept

They should be cleaned with a multi-purpose cleaner and some cleaning cloth. Cabinets are used to store many things in the kitchen thus making sure that they are squeaky clean is of utmost significance. Appliances should also not be forgotten, as they are usually the subject of neglect.

While cleaning the counters, use a multi-purpose cleaner and some cleaning cloth and due to time constraints, there is no need to empty all the counters. This is a preserve of a deep cleaning process.  Placing all the items or contents by the side while cleaning the counters can always suffice. Cleaning the sink is also paramount. The stove, cooktop and oven hood should be cleaned on a need-be basis. This is not a mandatory endeavor due to the limitations of time hence the foregoing should only be cleaned once it is deemed fit and necessary.

Bathroom and Toilet

A toilet bowl cleaner should be poured into the bowl and allowed to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Similarly, you should spray the sink with some bathroom cleaner but take some time before proceeding to wipe it out. A feather duster is employed to dust the mirror accompanied by a cleaning cloth to finish the job. The sink should also be wiped accordingly with a paper towel, which can also be reused to clean the toilet seat. The outside of the toilet should also be attended to avoid discoloration especially because it is often dispensed with. By now, the toilet bowl has properly soaked the cleaner hence it can be cleaned with a toilet brush. Trash should be emptied but the rug cannot be washed as time is limited and shaking it to remove dirt is always ample.

Living Room

The mirrors should be cleaned and all the surfaces dusted. A clean piece of soft clothing is used to clean the living room flat surfaces such as the tables and cabinets. Any other glass surfaces should be cleaned using a paper towel but the windows should be ignored as they are set aside until the deep house cleaning. Floors are cleaned appropriately and the carpet vacuumed whilst ensuring that the rug is clean and restored.


All mirrors and surfaces should be properly dusted and cleaned with a cleaning cloth. A piece of soft clothing should be used to clean the bed, stands and other varied surfaces depending on what you possess. Trash should then be emptied and the rugs cleaned by shaking them and placing them in the right position. Floors should be dusted and carpets vacuumed well as the final part of the bedroom cleaning process.


To avoid regurgitation of information, this has a striking semblance with the procedure employed to clean the downstairs bathroom and toilet hence the same should be applied with regard to the upstairs cleaning.

Always note that time is of the essence. 30 minutes is a minor allocation hence every second should be utilized accordingly. This is to avoid running out of time before taking care of some important tasks. However, even with the scarcity of time, the foregoing has aptly demonstrated that it is still possible to do some proper simplistic cleaning in 30 minutes provided there is a clean outline and well-established guidelines that ought to be followed in the letter to ensure that the cleaning process is seamless and devoid of any glitches. By sticking to the aforementioned procedure while doing your daily cleaning routine, you stand to be properly guided.