Top 5 End-of-Summer Cleaning Tips

The last thing anyone would want to worry about in the summertime is home maintenance. Many people spend a lot of time outdoors during summer, as it is a season marked by unfavorably high temperatures. Summer is also the time you schedule for vacations and other recreational activities such as traveling to the beach or picnics. Even though cleaning still goes on regardless of seasons, you need to consider a few things as we transition into the fall season. Here are the top five end-of-summer cleaning tips that you should follow to keep your house in tip-top shape.

  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Inspect your HVAC unit for build-up dust and change your air filters for another fresh start in the coming season. This includes everything from room fans, baseboard heaters, and vents. You can also prevent the ash and soot build-up by cleaning the fireplace flue and liners. Get rid of any debris in your chimney so that it can remain clean and effective during the cold months.

A female hand in a yellow glove washes a dirty window in the summer

Toxic fumes such as volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide can be emitted from word burning in the fireplace causing serious health issues. A home with poor indoor air quality suffers more in winter because your doors and windows will be closed up more often.

  • Clean Windows and Doors

Cleaning your doors and windows helps to reduce your energy bills by preventing warm air from getting out and cold air from getting inside. Inspect the exterior surfaces to identify the areas that need caulking and weather-stripping. Since most families tend to have guests during the fall and winter seasons, it is better to get them sparkling clean and presentable before they arrive. In addition, cleaning your windows and glass panes at the end of summer prevents water stains from leaving nasty streaks when drying up. You will need a window cleaning mop, squeegee, a bucket of water, dish soap and a wet towel. Make sure to pull your squeegee straight down from the top left or top right of the window with a single stroke.

  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts

A lot of dirt and dust can be logged in your gutters during summer. Not only can this damage your roof but also prevents them from working effectively. Clogged gutters make your home susceptible to roof leaks, mold growth, rotten wood, and cracks in the foundation. Use a gutter scoop to remove dirt and debris then wash everything down with a water hose. When cleaning your gutters and downspouts, do not forget to check your roof. It is important to ensure your roof is in perfect condition to prevent future issues.

  • Scrub the Grill

It is very likely for your grill to have some cooked-on grit or grime from the summer’s barbecues. When cleaning a gas grill, fire it up and close the hood to allow it to come to full temperature. The extreme temperatures from the fired grill singe any grease or stuck-on food. Soak your wire brush in a bucket full of warm, soapy water before scrubbing off the carbon from the grates. Also, do not forget to clean the grill’s accessories as they are often used at the same time. Although people wash them after every use, make sure to give them a final scrub-down before they can be stored away. Dry out the grill thoroughly before storing it away to prevent rust and mold growth.

  • Sweep out the Garage

Since it is hard to clean the garage during colder months of the year, it makes sense to do it at the end of summer. Get rid of all grass and debris from your garage that was tracked in during the warmer seasons. It is also essential to have the right cleaning products and tools to deal with oil stains and other spills that might need aggressive cleaners. Start by removing all the junk, then clean your garage before rearranging what goes back.  It is important to clean out your garage at the end of summer since this can become quite a difficult task to carry out during winter.

It is important to make a plan on how to go about your end-of-summer cleaning. Divide your house cleaning into several levels and start on small tasks first before you tackle the larger ones. You can also choose to clear one room before going to the next as long as you get the work done. Do not do everything on your own but instead, have your family members help you over the weekend. If the work seems too big to handle, always seek the help of professional cleaning companies as they have the necessary tools, products and experience.