Cleaning For Bringing Baby Home: Preparing Yourself and Your Home

A new baby in the home means changes are about to happen, and if it’s your first child, then you should prepare, like you were preparing for the apocalypse. Babies do four main things – feed, poo, cry and sleep. If you’re a lucky parent they will do a whole lot of the last one, but, there isn’t much chance of that.

Once you have had a baby in your home for a little while it all becomes second nature, and you get into a routine that is based around your baby’s sleep patterns, but when you first bring your new baby into the home there are many things that you need to prepare for to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

The first rule of bringing home a new baby is to be prepared. And one of the ways to do that is by ensuring you are not only providing a safe environment for the baby, but also a clean one!

We’re not saying that you should get on your hands and knees while you’re 38 weeks pregnant, with a scrubbing brush and bleach (in fact, that could send you into early labor). But you probably don’t want to be bringing baby home to a house that is filled with dust, mold, rubbish and pests.

Adapting The Home For Baby

One of the biggest life-changing moments is bringing home a new baby and the truth is, you simply will not adapt as soon as you walk in the door. Adapting to a new baby in your home will take time, and a lot of patience.

It can take anywhere from days to months to find your way, and while you’re considering this enormous adjustment, forget about everything anyone ever told you about how things should be, and simply go with the flow, and make your own rules. There are some changes you’re going to have to make around the home, particularly if you have pets.

Follow this simple 3 step checklist and you’ll be feeling more confident in no time:

Indoor Air Quality

The average American home is actually filled with chemicals – and it might be scary to know, but your child’s room is probably 300 times more toxic than any others in the house! If you want the best air, don’t use bleach or air fresheners, do get some indoor plants and use an air purifier. Essential oils can help create calm as well.

The Carpets & Tiles

Let’s face it. For the first 4-6 months of baby’s life, they aren’t going to do much except lie around on the floor … And for the next 4-6 months after that, they are going to spend a whole lot of time crawling around on the floor. So you want your floors to be clean, right? Having the carpets, and your tile and grout professionally cleaned can really make a difference to your peace of mind.

Hire A Cleaner

One of the biggest changes in your life a baby will bring is that you’re not going to have a whole lot of spare time to do anything… for about 18 years. When you first bring baby home you are going to be focusing a lot of your time on the baby – feeding, changing, making sure he or she is asleep, making sure they aren’t waking up, cuddling them, and so on. And when you’re not doing that, you’re going to be wanting sleep yourself! Hiring a cleaner can really take the pressure off.

Good luck!