10 Tricks To Keeping A Clean Home

Staying on top of your housekeeping at home is one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially if you are a working family who has limited time at home to deal with the time-consuming task that is cleaning.

Keeping a cleaning schedule isn’t necessary but it helps, and honestly it won’t take up that much of your time. Keeping your home constantly tidy is more about creating new habits as a family until that will in turn create a better living environment for everyone.

Here are 10 good habits to get into to keep your home tidy 7 days a week.

1. Making Beds

Making beds is the key to any room looking tidy. Once kids are in the habit of making their bed, it breeds other good habits for the want of having everything tidy. Make bedding as simple as possible, so you are more likely to take the time out to do it daily. If you don’t really need a top sheet, remove it from the equation.

2. Laundry – Do at least one load each day.

Depending of course on how much laundry you use, one load per day should be enough to create the good habits of keeping the piles as small as possible, creating a tidier space across the whole house. Try and get the rest of the washing finished on the weekends. Once washing is dry, fold it and put it away as soon as you can, that way the clean pile won’t mimic the dirty piles you have been trying so hard to get rid of.

3. Be satisfied with “Clean Enough”

Try not to be too picky about how tidy you want your house daily. Having a tidy house doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect always. If you get caught up in the finer details, it will create a much bigger job for you. Keep it simple.

4. Prioritize your cleaning

Create a list of important to least important and work your way through the list as routine. Set out a week long plan if it helps.

5. Get everyone involved.

While you might enjoy doing all the work yourself, because you know the result will be better, getting the whole family involved will not only make things easier, but will teach them all a sense of pride at a well-done task. Teaching them good habits will work to your advantage eventually.

6. Do a 15 minute nightly clean-up.

Create a family routine of cleaning the house every night straight after dinner is finished. 15 minutes is all it should take to have a spotless house ready for the next day of chaos. You will find kids are more likely to want to help if everyone is doing it at the same time.

7. Never leave a room with empty hands.

If there are items that need to be put away, don’t walk past it, pick it up and put it away straight away. This takes the pressure off when you are cleaning that room next.
8. Declutter.

Decluttering does take time, and the habits of leaving clutter need to be broken before this is no longer an issue. You need to work as a family to make sure these habits are changed.  

9. Prioritize High Traffic Areas.

Focus on cleaning high traffic areas like kitchen, bathrooms and living areas every day! This will stop the spread of dirt and germs to other less busy areas of the house.

10. Clean as You Go.

This might seem obvious, but clean as you go. If you make a mess clean it up before you start doing something else. This goes for cooking, crafts, using the bathroom, the laundry and pretty much anything else you do daily in your home.  

If all else fails, hire a cleaner! Give us a call to discuss.