Services Included In A General House Clean (And What Can I Ask For?)

If you’ve been considering approaching a house cleaner to make things easier on your daily routine, there are many things you should know about the tasks they perform when cleaning your home.

Most cleaners have the same basic understanding of what needs doing around a standard home, but because every house is different, you will need to ask a few questions and tell them a few things about your home, so they can give a close price on how long it will take to perform the cleaning job. Most cleaners recommend visiting your home weekly to maintain a high level of cleanliness, however this will be up to you, and will be based on how tidy you can keep your home.

A standard home clean of course will include several basic tasks and here is a bit of a list by room of what would normally get done. A standard house clean would usually take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the size of the home and the extent of what needs doing.

Firstly, you need to be aware that most cleaners aren’t meant to be doing your necessary day to day chores like picking up after yourself, they are there to clean the surfaces and make everything sanitary. If you want someone to clean up after you, it will usually cost you a lot more. Cleaners usually work on a schedule and if you don’t tidy at least a little before they arrive, you need to let them know that they will be required for extra time on top of the basic clean. This will cost you more money because it takes more time.


All bathroom glass, mirrors, floors, counters and fixtures will be cleaned, scrubbed and sanitized to a high standard. Cleaners work from the top to the bottom and will scrub showers and bathtubs with premium chemicals to ensure germs and grime are removed.


Cleaners will usually prefer a tidy kitchen upon arrival, as things like dishes and items laying around on benches is time consuming to put away. Having a tidy kitchen will ensure they find the time within your budget to get the rest of the house done in the time they are there.


Cleaners will normally make beds, change linen if you want them to, clean surfaces and floors. They won’t normally put your clothes away for you unless they are being paid to do that job on top of the clean. They will usually give window sills and doors a wipe over if they are needed as well. Once again, they aren’t there to tidy up your mess, more to clean once you have finished tidying. Teach your children to tidy before the cleaner arrives.

Living Spaces

Cleaners will clean cabinet tops, dust any surfaces, clean bookshelves, and wipe over any surfaces in your living spaces. They will also clean floors.


Cleaners will sweep, vacuum and mop all floors as part of a standard service. They don’t usually clean carpets unless you specifically ask them to take care of a stain or if they run a carpet cleaning element to their cleaning business. This will of course be an added cost, so ask them how they can help.

A typical clean will cover all surface areas, dusting and floor cleaning and your home will feel and look clean and tidy once it is finished.

Additional services to a basic clean can include fans and light fixture cleaning, cobweb removal, blinds and curtain cleaning, and oven cleaning but will usually be quoted on an hourly rate based on the scope of work required.