How To Clean Glass Shower Doors So They Sparkle

Glass shower doors are slowly becoming the latest and most popular trend in so many bathrooms. This is because of the sleek transparent ambiance they bring to the bathrooms. As a result, they make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter, something that works for bathrooms with limited space. However, glass shower doors come with their fair share of challenges when it comes to cleaning the bathroom.

For instance, due to the frequent use of soaps, shower gels, and hard water, they are prone to dirt, scum, or even mold and mildew. There is nothing as disgusting as cloudy and dirty glass shower doors with scum. Having been to hotels, you must have wondered how they keep their glass shower doors so sparkling clean, right? Contrary to most people’s belief, achieving sparkling clean glass shower doors is a no-brainer. This article looks at how you can clean glass shower doors so they sparkle at all times.

  • Wipe After Every Use
Beautiful luxury marble bathroom interior in beige color. Large glass walk in shower.

The trick to getting your glass shower doors sparkling clean is to prevent the buildup of dirt and scum in the first place. The frequent use of soaps, shower gels, and hard water contributes to the scum found on the doors. Due to lack of enough aeration in the bathroom, moisture and warmth will lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the doors. When this happens, dirty glass shower doors are not your only concern; you will also be at the risk of suffering respiratory-related conditions like allergies and asthma. To prevent this from happening and keep your glass shower doors clean, install a vent in the bathroom and leave the windows open after every shower.

  • Use Commercial Cleaning Products

Most glass shower doors come with cleaning manuals and the recommended cleaning products. It is very critical to follow the procedure, dos, and don’ts in the manual since the manufacturer knows what is best for your glass. Most of these cleaning products are readily available in the supplies stores and come at very affordable fair prices. If you are operating under a budget, you can also make your homemade cleaning products so easily.

  • Avoid Acid-Based Solutions

All glass shower doors come with a sealant layer that helps protect the glass against the corrosion resulting from minerals in water and soaps. Even this sealant, can come off any time if the doors are left dirty or cleaned the wrong way. Some cleaning solutions such as bleach contain acids that corrode the sealant on the doors, leaving them exposed to scratches and minerals. With this in mind, ensure to read the labels on the cleaning products carefully.

  • Use Homemade solutions

You do not always have to buy commercial glass shower door cleaners, as you can comfortably make some from the comfort of your home. For example, you can use water and white apple vinegar. When making the solution, mix one-part of white apple vinegar to three parts of water in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray the solution on your glass shower door and let it soak the soap lather for up to 10 minutes. If the scum is too tough and the solution appears to be drying so soon, spray some more and give it more time to soak. Then use lots of warm distilled water if the one you are using is hard. Use a lint-free paper towel, microfiber piece of cloth, or better still newspaper since it will not leave streaks behind.

  • Use Microfiber Cloths

Most glass products come with squeegees for cleaning and wiping off dirt. They are the best materials for glass shower doors since they are soft, gentle, and effective. However, they do not do a very good job in tight spots for example in and around handles. A better option to get in and around such spots is the microfiber cloth. It is soft enough to prevent abrasions on the glass and absorb all the water.

The secret to having shiny sparkling glass shower doors lies not just in cleaning but also in daily glass door habits. For example, make it a habit of rinsing and wiping your doors with a squeegee after every shower. Then leave the bathroom window and door open for enough circulation. This way, you will get rid of the excess moisture that may stain or encourage the growth of mildew not just on the door, but also to other parts of the bathroom. Never use abrasive or sharp objects on the doors since the scratches left behind can act as a haven for mildew. Having done that, you can now bid goodbye to that ugly streak and enjoy a sparkling clean view of your glass shower door.