What Are Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

A construction project can only be completed when the premise is fully cleaned and inspected. Post-construction cleaning services make this possible by cleaning up any mess left behind after a construction project. Besides picking up debris scattered throughout the area, these cleaning experts also get rid of scuff marks on walls, scrub windows, wax floors, and leave the place safe and secure upon inspection for the homeowner or businesses to inhabit. The cost for post-construction cleaning services may vary depending on the size of the space that needs to be cleaned. This article looks at what post-construction cleaning service entails and why you should hire them. 

Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Rough Clean

The initial stage of post-construction cleaning occurs on-site before the construction work is finished. Although most construction sites do not often require a rough clean, it might still be required to some degree.

young woman cleaning and removing construction dust with vacuum cleaner after repair

After the construction is complete, the cleaning experts will collect all trash, debris, and hazardous materials that are scattered all over the site. They might also be required to clean the concrete floors or plywood before new floors are installed to ensure the final install is both spotless and secure. Another integral part of the rough clean phase involves scrubbing walls, dusting, sweeping, washing interior windows, and preparation of surfaces.

  • Interior Clean

Thorough but light cleaning takes place after the installation is complete. The type of interior cleaning may vary based on the type of room that needs to be cleaned. Bathrooms and kitchens that feature appliances, countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures often require a specialized approach. This phase of post-construction cleaning takes care of walls and ceilings in an attempt to remove dust, smudges, and scuff marks. The cleaning experts are tasked with buffing and waxing floors, as well as vacuuming the carpets. Ducts, vents, and windows can also be washed down before all trash bags are removed and disposed of in rental dumpsters.

  • Exterior Clean

An exterior cleaning may be unnecessary if the construction work was only done inside. However, new builds and large renovations may be in urgent need of exterior cleaning because outside appearance is just as important as the interior. This phase of post-construction cleaning also prepares the home for paving projects and landscaping work to enhance the curb appeal of the property. Exterior doors and windows are washed and scattered debris or nails around the home are also removed. The cleaning service may also be tasked with power washing the driveway or paved surfaces and dusting exterior lights. Other cleanup companies even offer to wax and buff scuffs and scratches on existing wood floors that were blemished after undergoing a renovation.

Benefits of Hiring Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning services give priority to the safety of the people who will occupy the space. You do not have to worry about the dust that could affect the indoor air quality or a nail that was left in the garage. Since cleaning experts have the right skills and equipment, you expect them to give professional results. This means you will not come across un-removed stickers on installed fixtures, dust, or paint spatters on unexpected areas. They thoroughly clean the entire facility before anyone can move in. Unlike any other regular cleaners, post-construction cleaning services have the right training to discover spots that need more attention.

Their primary aim is to ensure all installed fixtures in the building are as clean as they should be. With their several years of experience, you do not expect anything to be left untouched. The exterior spaces of the building will also be given the necessary attention. Construction cleaning services comply with local waste management authorities to ensure the safe disposal of construction wastes in designated landfills. Getting rid of construction waste might involve securing licenses and permits. Hiring a post-construction cleaning service can save you the trouble of doing everything on your own. They also provide interval cleaning, so you can always seek their assistance in the course of your construction. Not only does this practice help you cut on extra costs but also helps support organization efficiency and safety objectives.

Hiring post-construction cleaning services provides great convenience when it comes to cost savings and stress-free cleanup before occupants inhabit the building or premises. With the kind of experience and equipment they bring on-site, they ensure every detail in the building shines from the floor to the ceiling. Once the post-construction cleaning service is through, your commercial building or residential home will be safe and ready for anyone to move in.