What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use To Clean Windows?

Professional window cleaning should be always differentiated from the normal DIY cleaning that people are accustomed to at home. The tools and other cleaning agents used by professionals are different including the skillset that they possess, as they are well versed and trained in this field. Many therefore remain curious and with a huge desire of knowing what these cleaners normally employ so that they can use the same to replicate those levels of hygiene or window cleanliness in their own households. Professional window cleaners use a wide array of window cleaners in their job. There is therefore no absolute consensus and uniformity regarding the items used. This article gives some of the most commonly used tools and agents amongst cleaners.

  • Squeegee

Professionals normally use these and they are fitted with rubber blades, which ought to be changed frequently upon any detection of possibly of damage through being nicked or given ways that make its continued use improbable.

Woman cleaning window with squeegee indoors, closeup

The blade is so instrumental in that it is vital to ensure that nothing comes in straight contact with it. Some professionals have come up with hacks whereby they switch up the blades to use the edge present on the opposite side. Further, there are certain indicators that the squeegee or the blades need replacement and this can be evidenced by streaks that are left on the windows upon cleaning. In case you opt to use this idea at home, we stress that the blades should be taken care of and replaced frequently before they are ruined and consequently render the cleaning quite difficult.

  • Ladder

The ladder may not be seen as an essential component of window cleaning but it is a vital ingredient since in its absence, they cannot be able to scale those great heights and clean the windows that are positioned way higher. A ladder should therefore precede everything else in the initial planning stages, as its essence cannot be overlooked.

  • Bucket

A bucket should be square thus ensuring that when the window cleaner is carrying out his work while holding the bucket and the other hand can readily fit into the bucket for ease of access. These are the small ideas and fine details lacking in the ordinary DIY cleaner back at home. By focusing on such minute details, your work is bound to be easier from the onset.

  • Poles

Professional cleaners usually have poles, which are weirdly elongated and fitted with brushes or other types of microfiber cloths that simplify this task accordingly. Some poles are quite extended whereas some are shorter and these are deployed to clean the lower windows without leaving any streaks.

  • Disposable Cloths

Professional cleaners deal with windows with multiple panes. After the cleaning is completed, drying the windows is also a vital aspect of this line of work. They therefore a huge pile of clothes, which are used to dry the windows accordingly with special emphasis placed on ensuring that no discernible streaks are left on the windows. These cloths are specially designed to ensure that no streaks can manifest after the cleaning and subsequent drying is done.

  • Detergents

Many detergents used by professional cleaners are normally acquired from licensed vendors. There are different types of detergents but the one that is most commonly used is the Palmolive and Morning Fresh detergent. Professionals are often discouraged from using home-based solutions such as vinegar since they are not as effective as the detergents specially manufactured to avoid leaving streaks on the windows afterward.

  • Scraper

There are always those stubborn stains and marks. They provide a niggling problem to many professional cleaners and this can only be adequately dealt with the use of scrapers. They usually come in different sizes for both serious and thorough window cleaning and for simple maintenance tasks. They are fitted with metal blades hence you ought to exercise caution while cleaning to make sure that you do not occasion any harm to yourself as these tools ought to be used by professionals well trained and equipped with the requisite skills to undertake the work.

  • Mop

A mop is a well renowned tool in the window cleaning process. It is split into two distinct parts including the sleeve and the T-bar. This can be readily detached and whenever the sleeve gets dirty, it can be removed and cleaned either manually or with the use of a washing machine.  It is a vital component in the professional window cleaning process.

As you have seen, you can use many tools to clean windows. If you are planning to clean the windows by yourself, be sure to get the best tools for your type of windows to eliminate any damage that may be caused to them. However, you can still reach out to experts to do the cleaning for you. They have years of experience and will definitely do a great job for you.