A Quick Way to Clean After a Birthday Party

Many people and parents to be precise are usually hesitant and quite apprehensive when it comes to hosting or planning birthday parties. This is often associated with the fear of the aftermath and the need to clean and take care of the mess that is left after the merry and joy is all but over. However, birthday parties remain to be a vital aspect of our lives across all demographics as everyone always wants to feel appreciated and to have this special occasion together with their close and proximate family members and friends.

The mere reluctance to have one because of dreading the cleaning process way afterward is quite farcical and contradictory. This is because people do not delve deep for more information to figure out the quick hacks, which can help lessen the burden of cleaning after a birthday party. Since many people are still oblivious of the same, this article shall list and discuss the several quickest ways of cleaning after a birthday party.

Commence Early

The young male contractor doing housework after party

The cleaning process should be continuous hence; it is much advisable if the cleaning starts as early as practically possible. Stains can be quite niggling and they can give you migraines if they are left untreated for an extended period. This, therefore, necessitates an early treatment of the stains so that they can be removed seamlessly before the situation aggravates and spirals out of control. More so, as mentioned above, cleaning should be a continuous endeavor. This aids to mitigate and guarding against the possibility of having a pile-up that could prove to be a huge obstacle to your cleaning process.

Use a Trash Bag

This is one underrated aspect of quick cleaning as it simplifies this task largely. You or any designated person should gather all the plates, cups, confetti and other birthday-related items and put them in the trash bag. This works better when the birthday was cognizant of the enormity of the cleaning work hence making sure that most of the items being used at the party are readily disposable. The implication herein is that disposable items are put in the trash bag. They can then be discarded easily without the additional task of having to do any extra cleaning pertaining to dishes and such. The elimination of the need to do further cleaning simplifies this task from the onset.

Cleaning Bathrooms and Toilets

This usually has a knack for being the messiest after a birthday party. You should therefore dedicate a paltry 15 minutes to clean the toilet, shower tub and most importantly the tiled walls as they are more susceptible to those extreme stains which never go away if cleaning is not done pronto.

Cooking Area

This is the hub of the party hence it should be accorded the primacy it deserves. A damp cloth to wipe the appliances and surfaces should suffice. The use of disposable items does not wholly imply that the party will not involve any kind of ceramics. These are deemed to be the major impediment or obstacles to a quicker cleaning process.

They are very delicate and they should be handled with extra and ample caution. To hasten the cleaning process, the crockery should be collected and placed in the kitchen for later cleaning once the rest is done exhaustively and to finality. This approach helps you to tackle the simple tasks quicker and because these simple ones are usually the most, you will ultimately only be left with a few complex and technical tasks, which you can do later when you have sufficient time. This avoids wreaking havoc by doing everything altogether hence eliminating the possibility of breaking the crockery culminating in unwarranted losses.


This is usually the last step when it comes to birthday cleaning. This is combined with mopping and both work in tandem to ensure that everything is left squeaky clean. A homemade solution can be used to do the mopping or you can get a cleaning agent at the local store. This helps to remove stubborn stains. Vacuum cleaning is quite slept on but it should do the trick when deployed at the right time in the final stages of the cleaning process.


These are the most embarrassing hence it is prudent that you purchase some fragrances and air fresheners preferably organic to battle against such abhorrent smell.

This article has helped to demonstrate some of the few ways that you can use to clean after a birthday party. However, in case you feel like the foregoing could still be overwhelming, you should never hesitate from enlisting the services of a professional.