How Do I Clean A House When I Move Out Of A House?

Cleaning a house is the final and penultimate task when moving out of a house. It is vital to ensure that you leave a house clean and in pristine condition. This is irrespective of whether you want to dispose of the house through a sale or lease. However, it is crucial to make a distinction regarding people who actually own a home and those who have rented one as the modes of cleaning in both instances are quite different. A renter will be required to do a very thorough deep clean to guarantee that his deposit shall be furnished in entirety with minimal deductions.

Homeowners are also expected to clean the house accordingly before handing over the ownership to the next person. Cleaning the house before moving out is not mandatory but it has historically been known as a standard practice even though it does not entail any legal ramifications. It is only courteous and dignified to do the same hence necessitating the creation of a checklist to help ease the cleaning prior to vacating the premises in question.

Young Asian Woman Washing Floor

At the outset, it is critical to mention that the best way of cleaning a house is dependent on several factors. This includes its status, size and the stipulated timelines since more often than not there is a notice stating the exact date when one is expected to move out of the house. This includes whether the house is owned or rented as mentioned above. A house cannot be cleaned devoid of a plan hence many people opt to have a checklist to ensure that it is done seamlessly. Some of the procedures and pointers to guide you include the following.

Personal Belongings

This involves the removal of everything that you possess in the house. It helps to ensure that nothing is left behind, as some new owners often want to start occupancy on a clean slate while simultaneously ensuring that there is ample space to conduct the cleaning unfettered. After this is done, the rest of the cleaning can be done in no particular order as it varies from one person to the other.


Surfaces are quite important, as they are the most prominent and conspicuous. More so, they are also more prone and susceptible to the dust and debris due to continuous exposure to the same. The surfaces range from the shelves to the countertops and a multi-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth can always suffice in this process.


Cabinets are often overlooked. However, they are dirty especially pertaining to kitchen cabinets, which usually have many crumbs and other varied debris. It is only imperative that they be cleaned thoroughly as a clean kitchen is paramount and essential for every new owner as it is the heart and hub of every house.

Toilets and Showers

These are the dirtiest places in the house because they are constantly wet hence easily infected by mold and grime due to the toiletries remnants. Proper scrubbing ought to be done with the use of either multipurpose or organic cleaners. Other people also use bleach or some homemade types of bleaching agents or detergents. The cannon and simple rule is that the toilet, showers and sinks should be left squeaky clean.


All appliances should be thoroughly cleaned to remove the dirt and other finely ingrained prints. These can be done with the use of homemade solutions or sprays, which can be acquired from the local stores.


This is an area with all your clothes and other exceedingly personal possessions. It should be emptied and perfectly wiped. The shelves should be well attended to whilst the floors should also be vacuumed accordingly to make sure that the next owner finds them in an immaculate condition.


Other fine details should be looked into while undertaking this task. They are often ignored and their impact considered negligible but they are indeed quite colossal. It is important to countercheck everything and ensure that the cooker, fridge and other appliances are well wiped, cleaned and sanitized. Every house has nails affixed to the walls and they should be detached after the removal of the hangers and other attachments. The gaping holes should then be adequately filled and the drywalls repaired. Finally, you should vacuum and mop the floor preferably with organic solutions such as vinegar.

If you are planning to move out, doing the cleaning is good. However, it can be quite overwhelming especially bearing in mind that you will not be living there anymore. You might therefore consider hiring house cleaning services to help you out on this task.