The Most Efficient, Easiest Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom can tend to be an arduous and time-consuming task if approached without a well-defined procedure. It ought to be done by strictly adhering to a laid down elaborate pre-determined outline. This eliminates hassles and renders it efficient. Many people remain oblivious and uninformed of the best mode of cleaning due to the paucity of information on this subject, as it is quite scanty. This article shall remedy this issue by establishing the best way of cleaning a bathroom without unnecessary exertion.


The cleaners employed in the cleaning also dictate how easy and efficient the cleaning will be. The cleaner used majorly depends on the gravity or extent of the stains and grime. Light ones can be cleaned with an all-purpose multi cleaner whereas advanced ones necessitate the use of soft scrub or abrasive cleaners. The type of surface being cleaned could require you to use different types of cleaning products. Many people opt to use homemade products as they are mostly organic, cheap and their efficacy remains unrivaled.

Young beautiful woman in white apron cleaning shower cabin


This is vital as it precedes all else. It entails the proper arrangement of all the distinct items in your bathroom by placing them in an area where they are not intrusive and obstructing. All mats, rags and brushes should be placed outside while the other items such as toiletries and towels should be rearranged on a continual basis as the cleaning proceeds. Any other disposable things usually placed on the counters should also be rid of accordingly. This sets the tone for the rest of the cleaning by enhancing orderliness and ultimately simplifying the whole process from the onset.


This is a standard procedure and has been known to lighten the workload if done before the commencement of the major task. It involves the removal of any debris, dust and cobwebs attached anywhere in the bathroom. This is followed by sweeping the dirt and discarding it appropriately. It helps to save on time and resources used in the subsequent steps hence implying that this basic step should never be overlooked.


A bathroom entails different areas and varying surfaces. They should all be cleaned separately to render the activity simple. The shower and bathtub should be cleaned by applying a cleaner and allowing them to soak properly. The cleaner used depends on the regularity of your cleaning. An all-purpose cleaner is used where cleaning is done often, but if it is done rarely and sparingly, something more potent such as acid should be used to soak the same. As the tub and showers soak, you should proceed to clean the other areas. When that is done, revert to the shower and bathtub and scrub them well. This is followed by rinsing and a showerhead often helps to make this quite easy and seamless.

The doors and fiberglass showers are quite bespoke and a lot of caution should be exercised when cleaning them. They require home-based cleaners or all-purpose multi cleaner as they are mild and less abrasive. This lessens any damage done to these doors and showers hence avoiding potentially fading them. The toilet is the most dreaded surface. You should pour the bowl cleaner into the bowl and give it sufficient time to work its mojo. This is followed by proper brushing and scrubbing to make the toilet surface squeaky clean. Disinfecting is also vital in order to curtail any incidents of infections emanating from the germs, which are very prevalent in these bowls. Categorization is, therefore, crucial to help in time management so that each area is accorded ample time for optimal results.

Mopping the Floor

This is normally the last step in this seemingly tough task. Clean and dry the floor and then replace the trashcan, rugs and mats if possible. If you possess just a single set, it is advisable for you to start this endeavor by cleaning them first so that they will be dry and crisp by the time this concludes.

Personal Protection

This is often undermined. Using the proper apparel, ventilation and gloves have a huge bearing on the enormity of the task ahead of you. The use of the recommended and appropriate clothing means that you will be very confident and less paranoid regarding any hazards or dangers that you might encounter in the process. Your pace will remain uninhibited meaning that less time and effort will be consumed trying to protect yourself and worry about small details, which could be fixed by doing the aforementioned to alleviate such instances.

This article has sufficiently answered the question regarding the best way to clean your bathroom. If you have the time, you can definitely do it. However, if time is not a luxury for you, it could be wiser to hire professionals to help you out.