What is the Best Way to Clean Outside Windows on Your Home?

Cleaning outside windows can be quite a complicated task especially if they are far from reach. Some of the factors you need to consider include the height of windows, the special equipment required, and your safety. The weather also plays a huge role in how clean your windowpanes turn out, especially on hot and sunny days. The best cleaning method for outside windows may vary since the window size, height and design is different for every homeowner. This article discusses the best way to clean outside windows based on their ease of access and the way professional window cleaners can help.

If You Can Reach Your Window From Outside

  • Use a Regular Mop

If you can easily any section of your windows from the outside, then all you need is a simple mop and a homemade cleaning solution to get the job done.

Portrait Of Man Cleaning House Windows

Create a cleaning solution of one-part vinegar and one-part water in a small bucket. Attach a mop head or a clean microfiber cloth to the mop handle and dip it in the solution. Use the mop to clean your window exterior until you get rid of the crud. Use a streak-free window cleaner or a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the glass dry.

  • Use a Squeegee

Outside windows that can only be accessed by a ladder can be cleaned using a squeegee. The most important consideration above all is your safety. Make sure you have a stable ladder and place it firmly on the ground at a height where you can easily clean your windows. An extendable window squeegee could also come in handy as they allow you to clean your exterior windows without the need for a ladder. Dampen the pad on the spongy side and clear the dirt from your walls. Afterward, clean your windows using the flat side of the squeegee.

Windows You Can’t Reach From Outside

  • Use a Magnetic Window Cleaner

Flat dwellers may find it challenging to clean outside windows that fail to unlatch. Balancing on your window ledge and trying to clean those hard-to-reach areas from outside can be dangerous. A magnetic window cleaner may offer a better solution to this problem. A magnetic cleaner is not only a fantastic tool for removing grime and debris from your windows but can also clean both sides at once. It uses a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away cleaning fluid from the window. Try to move it gently during use so that the magnets do not get disconnected in the process.

  • U-Shaped Telescopic Pole

A U-shaped telescopic pole can be used to clean exterior windowpanes from inside your house. The handle stretches on the sliding glass to fit best. This set comes with a circular sponge, two cleaning attachments, a squeegee, and cleaning cloths. It easily gets rid of dirt and debris, especially on double-hung windows. Before you start cleaning, it is important to place a plastic drop cloth on the floor underneath the window and another one near the windowsill. The telescopic pole can extend up to 55 inches or more to help you reach further ends of exterior windows.

  • Remove Sliding Windows

This cleaning option is only ideal for detachable windows that can be removed and put back in place without any damage or malfunction. Most sliding windows in most flats are designed to be detachable for easier cleaning; it allows you to remove dirt from hard-to-reach crevices that would have otherwise been inaccessible when the window is in place. Detaching and re-attaching the sliding windows is probably one of the most challenging parts of the entire cleaning process.

How Professional Window Cleaners Can Help?

Not everyone has the right tools and capability of cleaning high windows. Balancing on the edge to clean your exterior windows is considered a dangerous move. Relying on the services of a professional window cleaning company not only gives you peace of mind but also guarantees a clean job. Besides the right cleaning equipment and supplies, they have the right training for such tasks. Choosing a reputable cleaning service professional also guarantees your safety, saves time, and leaves you with clean, sparkling windows.

No one likes the appearance of dirty windows as they could create a bad first impression for your guests. It also has a psychological effect on your mood and the way you feel about your home. Taking necessary steps to keep your exterior windows clean is a brilliant move but most importantly, you need to be concerned about your safety and others. A professional cleaning service can take out the hassle of cleaning hard-to-reach windows with their sophisticated equipment and years of experience.