Spring Clean Your Entire House

Cleaning is not a hobby for everyone but everybody wants to live in a clean home. It can be a painful process to clean your house over the weekend. This is as your friends and neighbors are having fun freeing themselves from a tiresome week. Instead of worrying about how cleaning can take up your whole weekend, how about you think of how good it feels when it is done? This article discusses how you can devote an entire day to spring clean your house.

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning allows you to catch up on tasks that you have been looking forward to getting your hands on but never got the chance to. Having everything turned upside down to reach all nooks and crannies around the house sets you up for a fresh start. For instance, instead of thinking about the last time you cleaned your mattress, spring cleaning will nudge you to get the idea out of your head and get the job done.

a sign for spring cleaning

Deep cleaning at least once a year can help you get rid of bigger problems such as mold growth on grout. It is during a spring clean that you get to clear dust and grim from areas that have never seen the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. By the time you finish cleaning your entire house, you will feel a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Not only does it give you peace of mind but also allows you to be proud of what you have done.

How to Spring Clean Your House in One Day

  • Make Choices Based On Time

A few items on your spring-cleaning checklist may take longer. For instance, cleaning all mattresses and washing everyone’s bedding may not take a lot of your time but requires a lot of waiting for wash and dry cycles. Such tasks can be done while cleaning other things since you can always switch loads once they are ready.

  • Let Machines Work For You

If you have a dishwasher or a washing machine, now would be the best time to put them to the task. Strip all the couches, beds, and windows of any pillow covers, sheets, and linens. It is important to run your machines as efficiently as possible. Try to fill your dishwasher efficiently and avoid water waste by running it on a lighter cycle.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

It is easier to attack the clutter when your machines are handling the bulk work for you. Most clutter tends to accumulate in the main living room space, in the kitchen, and on our bedside tables. You are more likely to spend a lot of time here if you have a larger family. To make everything easier and faster to clean, set up a collection bin for all rooms and another one for items that you would like to donate, recycle or sell.

  • Deep Clean With All You’ve Got

It makes a lot of sense to start cleaning from top to bottom to avoid repeating other cleaning tasks. Start dusting the upper surfaces in the home including ceiling fans, lamps, tables, and dressers. Next, use a damp washable rag to wipe down all surfaces. Since all dust from top surfaces will settle on the bottom, the last step will be to mop it all up for good.

  • Don’t Forget The Chores You Procrastinate

Spring cleaning is the time to bring all procrastinated tasks to light. Not only will you be happy that you managed to get it done but also you will be relieved of the guilt of putting off something that you could have done. The dreaded, procrastinated chores could be cleaning the windows, the shower, or getting that oven clean.

  • Reset and Refresh

After working your way around the living room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, the final task will be to put everything back into place and refresh. This is one of those opportunities where you get to swap the seats or place that potted plant where you think it looks best. Once you are done, you can light a scented candle, give yourself a mega high five, and place a fresh bouquet of spring flowers on your table.

It is important to get all your cleaning supplies in advance as it can save you a lot of time when you start your spring clean. We understand that everyone’s home is organized differently and the level of cleanliness can never be the same in all houses. Regardless, try to make a list of all tasks you would want to tackle, work your way from top to bottom, and work on a schedule to get everything done on time.