What is the Best Way to Clean a Carpet?

The carpet carries a lot of dust, spills, debris, pet dander, and many other elements that happen to fall on it. Due to this, the carpet can be quite dirty, which not only looks bad but can also have negative health effects on the people in the house. To eliminate such issues, you should ensure that your carpet is clean most of the time. You can ensure this by doing regular vacuuming and deep cleaning. Doing this not only keeps the carpet clean but also extends its lifespan. This article gives an in-depth look at the best way to clean your carpet.

Tools You Need to Clean a Carpet Perfectly

You will need a couple of tools to clean your carpet in the best way possible. Some of these tools include a bucket, microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner, oscillating fan, steam mop, and some towels or rags. You will also need cleaning materials like baking soda, distilled vinegar, and table salt.

The Best Way to Clean a Carpet – Step by Step

Close-up Of A Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

Step One – Vacuum the Carpet 

Dust and dirt are the two main culprits you need to deal with first when it comes to cleaning your carpet. When you let them settle on your carpet, they are likely to make it look dull and even emit a bad odor. To prevent this from happening, you need to implement the power of a strong vacuum to suck the dirt and dust off the carpet.

Step Two – Clean Stains

Once you are done vacuuming the carpet, it is now time to clean the stains. This is something you should be doing immediately after liquid spills. However, we are not usually that fast at times. This leaves stains that require removal. Some of these stains could be hard to remove such as red wine, ink, nail polish, pet accidents, and coffee.

Step Three – Use Vinegar and Water to Clean

Create a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar with cold water in a ratio of 1:3. Get this solution in a spray bottle and use it to clean. The way you do this is by spraying the solution onto the carpet until it is damp enough. Let the cleaning solution rest on the carpet for a couple of minutes, around five so it has enough time to break down the dirt. Use a microfiber cloth to clean away the dirt.

Step Four – Allow the Carpet to Dry

Once you are done cleaning, it is now time to let the carpet dry. This is an important process because it eliminates dampness and prevents instances of mold and mildew growth. You can increase the drying process by running oscillating fans. In the drying process, one thing to note is that you should not allow traffic on the carpet until it dries completely.

Another Good Way to Clean a Carpet – Using Baking Soda and Salt

Apart from vinegar and water, you can also clean your carpet using baking soda. This is how you do it step-by-step.

Step One – Vacuum

Even when using baking soda or salt, the first step you need to take when planning to clean a carpet is to vacuum. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you may consider sweeping the carpet to remove dirt and debris.

Step Two – Make the Baking Soda Cleaning Solution

Mix baking soda and salt in a ratio of 1:1 and then add cold water into the mix. Fill this solution in a spray bottle and you have a cleaning product.

Step Three – Clean the Carpet Using the Solution

Similar to the vinegar cleaning solution, start by sprinkling the carpet with the baking soda mixture. Consider cleaning in a mixture so you know the areas you have just cleaned. Once the carpet is damp enough, use a scrub brush to get the baking soda in beneath the fibers. Doing this should help remove the dirt that was stuck in the carpet.

Step Four – Wipe and Dry

Get some towels and use them to wipe the loose dirt. Once you are done, allow the carpet to dry before letting anyone use it.

As you may have realized, carpet cleaning is not an easy job, especially if you are cleaning a large one. Due to this, you may want to hire professional carpet cleaning services. Experts have years of experience and know how to get the job done in the best way possible. They will eliminate the stress you have to deal with and do a great job.