What is the Best Way to Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen Perfectly?

The kitchen and bathroom are some of the busiest areas that need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. The best way to clean any room including the kitchen and bathroom is always to start from the top to the bottom. Having all cleaning supplies ready allow you to work fast and efficiently without unnecessary breaks between tasks. This article discusses how best you can clean the bathroom and kitchen perfectly.

  1. Cleaning the Bathroom
  • Get Rid of the Trash

Your bathroom can look messy if the vanity is full of crumpled tissues or the trashcan is full. Start by disposing of the trash into a plastic garbage bag before picking up any other trash lying around in the room. Getting rid of all garbage in the bathroom can make the room appear cleaner in an instant.

a woman cleaning a bathroom with gloves on
  • Apply the Cleaning Product to the Dirtiest Areas

You will need some extra time to clean certain areas of your bathroom such as the tub, sink, or toilet. Apply your favorite bathroom cleaner on these surfaces and give it time for the product to break down dirt and grime. Do not forget to follow the instructions indicated on the cleaning products.

  • Clean Other Bathroom Surfaces

While you let the cleaner rest on the shower, sink, and toilet, use a glass cleaner to wipe down any windows and mirrors. Afterward, dampen a microfiber cloth in warm soapy water and clean your countertops, door handles, and other grab-on surfaces in the bathroom. Do not forget to rinse these surfaces thoroughly with clean water to remove soap film.

  • Vacuum or Shake Out The Bathroom Mats

If you are in a rush, pick up your bathroom mats carefully and shake them outside to get rid of dirt, crumbs, and other debris. If you have time, consider throwing the washable bath mats into the washer or vacuuming them to give the room a cleaner look.

  • Rinse the Dirtiest Areas

Since the cleaning product, you applied to the dirtiest areas has had enough time to penetrate and break down all grime and dirt, it is time to scrub and rinse the surfaces clean. If you have time, do not forget to wipe down the tub, toilet seat lid, or shower walls with a clean, dry rag.

  • Finish with the Floor and Restock on Supplies

Once all surfaces above are clean, it is time to clean the floor including the corner spaces. The type of products you use to clean will depend on the floor material e.g., wood or tile. Lastly, restock on fresh towels, and other bathroom supplies like tissue paper.

  1. Cleaning the Kitchen
  • Start with the Dishes

Dirty dishes can make a kitchen look messy and untidy. You need to scrape the dishes into a garbage disposal bag before placing them in the dishwasher. Cleaning your dishes and organizing them in the pantry will give you an easier time working on the kitchen sink and countertop.

  • Put Items and Appliances in Their Right Places

Put back any items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their rightful place. While you are at it, consider reducing clutter by discarding junk items that you do not intend to use. Make sure you organize your drawers and cabinets so you can easily find items in the kitchen when you need them.

  • Wipe Down Surfaces

Clean the kitchen surfaces starting from the sink, countertops, and appliances. Any visible surface in the kitchen needs to be wiped down to create a clean overall appearance. It is important to change cleaning rags regularly to avoid transferring germs to other surfaces.  

  • Sweep, Mop, or Vacuum

The decision to sweep, mop, or vacuum will depend on the type of floor you have and whether there are carpets or rugs in the kitchen. It is essential to clean all the visible surfaces above before working on the floor to avoid going back and forth.

  • Take out the Trash

The last step is to take out all trash and replace the garbage can with a fresh disposable bag. The reason why you handle the trash bag last is to give you enough time to pick up any litter or discard unwanted items while cleaning the kitchen.

The length of time it takes to clean your bathroom or kitchen will depend on the size of your household. However, if you are a large family, you can make it everyone’s responsibility to help with the cleaning. When you have more hands-on deck, it speeds up the process so you can clean quickly and efficiently.