A Clean Home Is A Happy Home – Here’s Why

When it comes to having a happy home, there are many things that come to mind that create one. A healthy lifestyle, people who respect and love each other, and excellent communication are just a few things that make a happy home, but did you know that a clean house is also a key factor to happiness?

Keeping a clean home helps to create a positive mindset for everyone in the house, and it also ensures you are healthier than if it were unclean. Now, when it comes to cleaning, you don’t want to be always picking up after people, and you don’t want your cleaning duties to last all day, and keeping your home clean creates better habits for everyone who lives there. This… creates happiness.

So, how do you keep your hose clean, to create everlasting happiness? Here are a few tips on how to be efficient in your cleaning and make the most out of your day.


Set out a plan for each room, including how long it will take, and how much work is involved, and the cleaning process will flow with ease. Setting the plan to a time limit for each room is also a great idea. Work on the more difficult tasks first to get them out of the way. If your kitchen will take 20 minutes, and each bedroom was to take about ten minutes, then start the longest tasks first. This way, you won’t be worn out too before the important stuff. In your plan, include a range of items that will help you to save time. Carry some empty shopping bags for any rubbish that might need to be picked up, carry a laundry basket with all your cleaning products that you will need. That way you can add the dirty clothes to the basket as you go and have easy access to your products. A quick and thorough clean will almost always leave you feeling better about yourself.


Keeping your dishes washed and out of the way is one of the hardest parts of keeping any kitchen clean. Sometimes after you’ve spent hours preparing a meal, you don’t feel like cleaning the dishes or putting them away, however, if you end the night with everything in its place, you will feel a lot happier the next morning when you wake and walk in to a clean kitchen to make your first coffee.


Cleaning bathrooms is a job around the home that is usually last on the list, because it’s a room that can get very messy, very quickly. The best thing to remember with a bathroom is that most cleaning products can be sprayed and left for a certain amount of time to get the most benefit from them. When you consider this, it might be better for you to spray your bathroom surfaces before you start the rest of the house cleaning, and when you get to the bathroom at the end, your job will be merely a matter of wiping everything over after the products have done their magic. Start at the top and work your way down to save time and overworking.


When it comes to bedrooms, your vacuum cleaner is your best friend. To ensure your bedrooms are as clean and dust-free as possible, vacuum your mattresses before your carpets, and vacuum your curtains and blinds at least monthly. Change bed linen at least weekly and always clean them with the hottest setting on your washing machine. If you want to add an extra level of freshness to your wash, add 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil to the wash cycle.

Clean Air

Air quality is vital when it comes to a happy home as well. Make sure your HVAC systems are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure the dust you are trying to eliminate through cleaning isn’t spread around your home.