5 Things That Make House Cleaning Rates More Expensive

There is nothing better than unlocking your front door, stepping inside, and being welcomed in by a spotless home. It’s even better when you didn’t have to do it yourself. When you invest in a cleaning service, you buy yourself peace of mind and a clean home. You will likely find appliances, high-level areas, and fireplaces are going to cost you extra. There are additional services on offer, of course, but there are certain things that will inevitability increase the cost of the service. Let’s take a look at what can have an impact on the bill you receive.

The Frequency Of The Clean

While you will pay more if you choose a twice-weekly service, you will also enjoy a reduced rate for an increase in frequency. So, don’t just assume once a month is sufficient. Ask for a full list of rates so you can choose the frequency which suits your budget and gets you the service that you want.


If you have pets in the home, then it’s likely there will be a bit more cleaning required. Removing pet hair can be a trying process, so this is something that will increase the cost of your clean.


If you have special requirements for furniture, windows, and a variety of surfaces to clean this is going to increase the cost. You may want to reduce the frequency that these areas are cleaned.

Cleaners Required

If you require more than one cleaner, then you will see an increase in the cost of your cleaning service. You should always discuss your requirements before you hire a service. Some services will charge you by the hour, while others will do so by the square foot.

A Lack Of Supplies

If you don’t have cleaning supplies handy for your cleaning service, then you will incur an additional cost for cleaners to use their own supplies. So, it’s always wise to keep your own supplies handy and available for the service. This also allows you to choose the correct products for your home if you want a certain smell or want to avoid particular products.

There is always room to negotiate, but you should focus on the service, rather than the cost. For example, you might have an hourly charge that you are willing to pay, but if you only want to pay for an hour, you won’t receive the results that you want or expect. So, bear that in mind as you work out your service plan.

Find a company that offers the services that you want and within your budget – don’t just choose the most expensive or the cheapest service and expect results. Between cleaning service visits, you can complete easy maintenance tasks so that the cleaners can focus on what you want them to focus on. You can also ask the service to focus on cleaning specific rooms. There might be areas you’re happy to deal with, so they can tackle the larger tasks. Some cleaning services will apply an additional charge if you live outside of their service area. So, now that you know you can get in touch to discuss your budget and cleaning options.