5 Floor Cleaning Services You Should Consider For Your Home

Part of a sparkling clean home is having clean floors, and you might regularly clean the floors, occasionally it’s good to also give them a deeper clean. This will not only be beneficial to the health of everyone in the home, but also gives your floors a longer life-time. Here are some floor cleaning services that you should consider getting in the home:

Floor Tile & Grout Scrubbing

Floors are a very high traffic surface in a home (or office!) and often regular vacuuming and mopping give the appearance of having a clean floor, but over time, product build up can happen, especially on tile floors. Usually a good indicator of this is seeing discolored grout in high traffic areas or a dull appearance of the tiles. Specialized services will help bring your tiled floors back to life, by deep cleaning, scrubbing and rejuvenating the grout.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, another part of your home that gets a lot of use! Professional carpet cleaning is so important, not only for hygiene but also to help extend the lifespan of your carpets and rugs. As for the hygiene aspect, for the most part vacuuming does a really great job of keeping your carpets clean, but over time allergens, pollutants and everyday smells can build up in the fibers. Not to mention those little unknown stains that pop up from time to time. Having your carpets professionally cleaned once a year will help keep them be at their cleanest and looking their best for longer. You could also consider a scotch garding service, which can help protect your carpet and prolong its lifespan.

Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood floors look spectacular, are classic and hard wearing. They need to be looked after with a little more care than other floor types. Hardwood needs to be swept or vacuumed regularly to keep away contaminants they may scratch or damage your floor, but extra maintenance is required to keep them looking their best. A good deep clean, wax and buff will keep your hardwoods looking their best and prolong their life.

Paver Power washing & Re-sanding

Just because they are outside doesn’t mean they don’t need cleaning! Pavers are exposed to the elements so much more than other types of flooring in our homes. Outdoor barbecues, parties, meals, pets and areas that are being used for children’s play should all be taken care of to ensure they don’t end up damaged or are not usable. Paver power washing and re-sanding can bring your dull and unappealing floors back to life.

Buffing, Stripping and Waxing

Buffing, stripping and waxing are great to give your floors a fresh look. It helps to prolong their lifespan and enhances the look in the short term. Whether you just want something that enhances the floors for a special occasion, or you’re trying to brighten them long term, polishing, vinyl stripping and sealing, stripping and waxing and buffing are just a few of the things you should consider.

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