When is the Best Time for Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a key part of keeping your house clean and beautiful. Due to this, you might be wondering on the best time to clean your windows. The truth of the matter is that your windows should always be clean. This not only helps to make your home sparkle but also goes a long way in ensuring the occupants of your house live a healthy life. Nevertheless, it is not realistic for you to clean your windows every single day. This might be the reason why you might want to know the best time of the year for window cleaning, and this is article explains exactly that.

Window cleaning in spring

It is believed that the best time of the year to do window cleaning is in the spring. The main reason why this might be true is that spring is a time when the winter weather has made your windows the dirtiest they can be. This means that you will have a lot of cleaning to do during this time of the year. Therefore, when you accomplish the cleaning task, you will achieve pristine windows and a clean home on overall.

If you will be doing window cleaning during spring, you should do it on a day with plenty of cloud cover. The idea behind this is that direct sun rays could cause you to leave streaks on the windows. If there happens to be a breeze, consider cleaning your windows in the same direction as the breeze to avoid spray from landing on the cleaned panes.

Window Cleaning During Summer

Summer offers an incredible time to clean windows, as it provides you with a chance to eliminate all pollen accumulated in spring. Nevertheless, it can be a bit difficult to clean during this season due to the hot weather. The hot and direct sunrays on the glass make the cleaning solution to evaporate rapidly, leaving soap stripes on your windows. The best way to prevent this from happening is to clean quickly, especially in the early morning or late evening, when it is not too hot.

Winter Cleaning

It might seem as a surprise to many but window cleaning in winter is possible. However, you might need to use special products to do the cleaning because it will not be easy. Due to the low temperatures, you can consider using a car washing fluid instead of the traditional cleaning products. This is because the alcohol in the car washing fluid will not freeze as you use it. If you live in very low temperatures, you might want to avoid cleaning windows during winter, as your cleaning solutions might freeze even before you use them. The ice falling on the windows will be another hindrance. Drying also happens quite fast during winter, leading to streaking and spotting.

Autumn and Window Cleaning

Another season to look at that might help you know the best time to clean your windows is autumn. This is usually the rainy season and most people hesitate doing window washing during this time. However, you should note that rain does not make your windows dirty. Rain droplets evaporate and hence do not leave any water marks on the windows. Therefore, rain only makes your windows look dirty if they were not clean in the first place. This fact should be a good reason for you to have your windows clean all year round.

Other Factors that Influence the Best Time to do Window Cleaning

Apart from climate and weather, there might be other things to consider when determining the best time for window cleaning. For instance, you should do window cleaning when not hindered by any restrictions. Window cleaning can be quite overwhelming and hence you should select a day of the week when you have several hours of free time. Apart from time, another restriction you may be facing is water. This can entail restrictions placed by your state or municipality regarding water use to conserve water. In such a case, you should go for a day when you are not hindered by such a restriction.

When you have clean windows, sunrays filter into your house, creating a warm and welcoming aesthetic. Not only this, but their stunning appearance boosts your curb appeal too. Nevertheless, window cleaning can be very overwhelming for you to do, especially when you have many windows to work on, and no experience in window cleaning. This is why you should consider hiring professionals to clean the windows for you.