What are the Most Important Facts about Spring Cleaning?

Spring-cleaning simply entails giving your house a deep and thorough wash when the weather starts to warm up. Spring-cleaning is the time when most people bring in cleaning supplies, and thoroughly clean all areas in their house including the garage, floors, windows, ceilings, cabinets, and many other places. Nothing feels fresh and satisfying like spring-cleaning your house. This article gives information on the essential things you need to know about spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Might Have Originated in Persia

It is believed that spring cleaning originated in Iran, where a part of celebrating the New Year entailed cleaning their homes. This activity was referred to as khooneh tekouni, a practice done in preparation for the coming year. Everyone in the family had to take part in this activity and it entailed thoroughly cleaning everything in the house.

The Jews Had their Influence Too

For centuries, Jews have been traditionally cleaning their homes a few days to Passover, the spring holiday when leavened food is forbidden. During this time, Jews clean their houses to eliminate any leftover traces of leavened food consumed in the previous months.

Spring Cleaning Exists in Chinese Culture

New Year Festivities for Chinese come in between late January and February. However, this depends on the Lunar Calendar, but the day after Chinese New Year is usually the first day of spring. Before New Year, a Chinese holiday referred to as Ninyabaat has to be conducted. This special day is meant for cleaning, a symbolic way of eliminating bad luck from previous years and welcoming good luck of the coming year.

Human Nature, Science, and Spring Cleaning

Although cultural and religious explanations lend almost precise reasons to spring cleaning, another explanation could be science and human nature. In simple terms, people tend to be more energized during spring. Science explains that the lack of sun during winter causes individuals to produce more sleep hormones. However, during spring, the days are longer, leading up to high energy levels and thus more motivation to clean.

Spring Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Although spring cleaning is highly rewarding, it is a project that remains overwhelming to undertake for many homeowners. Research shows that more than two-thirds of homeowners view spring cleaning as a burden. In fact, 50% skip scrubbing baseboards, 37% do not clean the windowsills, and 44% neglect appliances. It is only less than 40% of homeowners that spend several days doing spring cleaning and they might not do it correctly. Spring cleaning does not have to be a daunting project for you to undertake. Here are a few tips that you should consider:

  • Come Up with a Plan

You should come up with a plan of action that targets all areas and allows you to undertake one activity at a time. Instead of cleaning the whole house in one day, you should create a manageable list of chores that you should do along a realistic timeframe.

  • Get the Right Products

Spring cleaning is a long process, meaning that you will need to purchase a lot of products to do the job. Before you go for shopping, you should have a look at what you have and buy the things you only need. Be sure to get the right products because some chemicals can harm some surfaces. You can never go wrong with DIY cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and other natural cleaners.

  • Handle the Worst Task First

The key to successfully completing a spring cleaning project is to start with your least favorite task. The idea behind this is that you feel good after accomplishing a tough project. This inspires you to tackle the other places.


After a very long and cold winter, most people often think about a new beginning for them and their family. One such new beginning that many individuals engage in entails spring cleaning. The reason why many homeowners love participating in this activity is that it helps them achieve a clean and welcoming home, which sets them up for the year ahead. Despite its benefits, spring cleaning is an overwhelming task that requires a lot of hard work. However, if you keep the goal in mind, and make the right planning and preparation, you should be on your way to achieving massive spring cleaning success. Nevertheless, if you do not feel like spring cleaning is your kind of task to do, you should consider reaching out to professional cleaners for help.