Spring Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

spring-cleaningIf you live and work in an area with chilly, dark winters, you know how great it feels to open all the windows and start cleaning when spring arrives. All of the dust, grime and stale air that has built up over the winter months is done away with. Items you no longer need are thrown away or donated. Fresh supplies and home accents are brought in. It’s a great time to start again.

But is your house or office really getting clean this spring? Are you following the same old routine, or do you want to take your spring cleaning to the next level?

For those are interested in making spring cleaning a more efficient and enjoyable experience, here are some handy tips from professional cleaners who know their stuff.

1. Do those windows properly

Getting the grime off your windows will have a huge impact on the overall cleanliness of your home. To that end, a lot of DIY spring cleaners have tried using rags or newspapers to clean windows. Does it work? Well, yes and no.

A truly professional result comes from using a rubber squeegee, warm water, and common dish soap. You won’t see professionals using makeshift methods for window cleaning, simply because the squeegee is more consistent, less wasteful, and allows easy extension to higher-up areas of glass.

2. Expand your checklist

Professionals say that many homes don’t get as clean as they should when spring comes along, for the simple reason that homeowners don’t think of all the things they should clean. For example, after the long and dark winter season, dust is bound to accumulate on those light bulbs. The blinds are another source of hidden dust.

3. Get at the fridge

Amidst all the junk collecting and sweeping, people often forget how long it’s been since the refrigerator received a good, thorough cleansing. A common solution is 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda per quart of water, which can be applied with cloth or a brush. Some pros prefer to take it a step further. Unplug the fridge, move it away from its usual position, clean it inside and out, let it breathe for several hours, and clean the floor and walls that are usually covered up. You might be surprised at how much gunk you encounter!

4. Get your supplies in order

A common spring cleaning mistake is to begin without any set strategy and without the proper supplies. Get ahead of the game this year by first taking stock of your cleaning supplies. You might need fresh bottles of natural cleaning solution, baking soda, rags and brushes, gloves and squeegees. Spring is great time to update your cleaning supplies and set yourself up for a clean house throughout the summer months.

Happy spring cleaning!

It’s possible to get your house or office cleaner than ever this spring if you take some tips from the pros. On the other hand, you could simply hire a qualified, reputable cleaning company to come in and do the work for you. Then you can skip right to the enjoyment of a clean, refreshed space that’s ready for the exciting warm months ahead.

Good luck with your spring cleaning efforts, and thanks for reading! Hopefully you’ve found this information useful. Please feel free to comment below.