Spring Cleaning Ideas

With winter now gone, the weather is now warmer and flowers are now beginning to blossom again. With the onset of the spring season, one thing remains a norm; spring cleaning. Knowing that you have some dirty clothes and living spaces can put you off and the fun that comes with the season will not be achieved. Being aware of the cleaning tasks and what it takes to maneuver around them can help you make the most of spring cleaning. This article gives some spring cleaning ideas to help make your adventure bliss.

Room to Room Cleaning

Doing a particular chore in all rooms feels so exhausting since you keep going back and forth. This does not only take a toll; it also kills the morale to complete the whole house and chances are that you may never complete the task before you. After establishing the areas and details that are usually forgotten during routine cleaning, deal with each room at a time.

spring cleaning sign
Room to room is easier and motivating since you can deal with a room each day of the entire spring cleaning period.

Start From Top to Bottom

Dust and dirt from the lower spaces fly upwards when shaken off. This happens especially when air from the ceiling fans pushes downwards. It is therefore only wise to start your cleaning from top to bottom to prevent the return of dust into the already cleaned spaces. To do that, use a mop to wipe the ceiling and other out-of-touch areas. As you do that, ensure that the ceiling fan is not running, and do not forget to wipe it off.

Come Up With a Schedule

The secret behind every successful project lies in effective planning; it is no different when it comes to spring cleaning. A schedule helps you determine which areas are often overlooked and which ones need the most retouch. Go to every room taking down notes of items to deal with. Then assign each room to a specific day of the season when you plan to deal with it. Do not try to do everything in one day; this will take a toll on you and chances are that you will not do a job you can be proud of.

Declutter Your Living Spaces

You can come up with a good plan and willpower to do the job but it will all be up to nothing if you have clutter standing in your way. Clutter traps dust and makes your living spaces feel smaller, which contributes to increased stress in your life. It goes without say that decluttering is the first step in spring cleaning. Have three trash bins for items to keep, throw away, and give away. You will be amazed at how many items you have been hoarding, which you do not need at all. You can donate the items you do not need or you could plan a yard sale and make some extra cash out of it.

Minimize on the Cleaning Products and Think Green

Buying bottles of cleaning products every spring can create an unsightly scene in the house. The cleaning products, on top of helping in the cleaning of the house, later turn into clutter and contribute to your overall stress. You can minimize the cleaning products by buying only those that you really need. As you do that, the well-being of the environment should always be on your mind. For example, a steam cleaner is one of the best ways to go green when doing spring cleaning. It uses 100% water vapor to stem out dirt and dust off your living spaces. The steam cleaner is chemical-free equipment that does an excellent job on upholstery, appliances, and floors. It offers an excellent way to get rid of the musty smell that is left behind by the winter conditions than the steam cleaner. This will leave you with a lot of warmth so do not forget to turn your dehumidifier on; otherwise, you start dealing with mold issues.

Spring cleaning feels better and easier when done together by the household. If you have kids and a couple of family members around, you are even better off. Try making it like a competition and have some presents to act as an incentive. Assign the chores appropriately, so that you do not take a toll on anybody. Then put on some music to hype yourselves as you do the cleaning. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve when you come together.