What Is The Best Way To Clean Windows Without Water?

Glass windows can be the best thing to look at when clean and spotless. They can also be the worst when clouded with streaks of dirt and dust. When this happens, they send a very bad impression to your visitors no matter how clean the interior may be. Dirty and streaky windows also prevent the little sunlight available in winter thus making your room dull, which adds to your overall stress. Everyone loves clean windows and this explains the reason behind the many searches online on how to achieve spotless clean windows.

It becomes very disappointing to see streaks after dedicating so much of your time and efforts when cleaning your windows. Since water is the most notorious contributor to streaks after cleaning windows, here are some of the ways to clean windows without water.

  • Use of a Squeegee
Man as a professional cleaner in blue uniform washing window with cotton wiper indoors

Squeegees are devices with a rubber, handle, and a channel for cleaning windows. Squeegees are commonly used when cleaning windows; professionals use them when cleaning high-rise windows. The best thing about squeegees is that they clean, wipe and buff at the same time. It is the best and easiest way to achieve sparkling clean windows without water. However, for you to achieve the best results, you have to buy the best quality squeegee with the right length to reach the desired heights. When used with the right cleaning products, squeegees make cleaning of windows blissful and you get results that you are proud of.

  • Use Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning surfaces like windows, no solution beats vinegar. It is usually hard on stains but gentle on materials. The antimicrobial property of vinegar digests dirt so that it comes off with a single wipe. It is also the best replacement for commercial products since it is nontoxic so you do not have to worry about getting kids and pets sick. To make the solution, mix one-part of warm water to two parts of white vinegar in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly. When cleaning, soak dirt and stains with enough vinegar solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it off with a microfiber piece of cloth.

  • Use a Paper Towel or Newspaper

One important tool for achieving sparkling and spotless windows is paper towels and newspapers. Lint-free paper towels, old magazines, and new newspapers work so well on dump windows. To achieve clean windows using papers, first, loosen the dirt stains by soaking them in a cleaning solution before wiping them off with the lint-free paper. On the flip side, you have to be careful not to wet the papers so much since you may be left with streaks of ink or the paper itself. Again for this tip, you have to schedule the cleaning on quite a warm day to avoid so much moisture on the surface.

  • Buy Commercial Window Cleaners

If you do not have the time to get handy and the time to make your homemade solution, there are still some good commercial window cleaners out there. However, you have to be careful with commercial window cleaners since most of them contain acids that corrode the sealant on the windows. Some of them are also so acidic that they can corrode the hands so ensure to read the labels carefully. When used in the right amounts and a good cloth or squeegee, high-quality commercial window cleaners can also give you that stunning spotless look on your windows.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

You notice the above methods have only covered how to clean windowpanes. However, the discussion is far from over before we talk about taking care of the frames and sills. The frames take the hardest beating from birds and insects droppings amongst other enemies. At the same time, acid rain, dust and dirt, all drip over the pane and end up on the frames or in the sills. It, therefore, means that the window frames will carry the most dirt. Here, the dirt is a little stuck and a vacuum cleaner is the best to agitate and suck it off. Doing this makes your cleaning easier to achieve the best results.

Remember the secret to having clean windows without the use of water does not only lie in the tools used, but also in the method used. When cleaning, use circular motions, be generous with the product then finish by buffing. Also, remember to schedule the cleaning on a humid day. You need the little humidity available to replace the need for water.