Professional Office Cleaning: How is the Cost Calculated?

cleaningToday’s businesses have to do all they can to get ahead and maximize resources. That’s why managers and owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce overhead and increase those profit margins.

There are, however, certain expenses you just can’t get around. For many businesses, professional cleaning is one of these necessary expenses. You can’t allow hard working employees to lose focus on their work due to cluttered, dusty, dirty work environment. It’s been statistically proven that maintaining a clean and orderly space is good for productivity—and ultimately good for profit.

Some companies are big enough to afford full-time custodial staff. This is great way to stay on top of your cleaning needs if you can find the right people. But for medium to small businesses, full-time cleaning staff is not a realistic prospect. That’s where professional cleaning services come in. Finding someone reliable and trustworthy can allow you to maintain a clean and sanitary business space at all times, so that you and your staff can focus on productivity.

It’s also to find someone you can afford. In fact, when America’s businesses seek help with cleaning, budget is usually one of their top considerations. Here are few factors that will determine how these companies calculate the cost of your cleaning services:

1. The overall size of your business space

This is an obvious consideration, and probably the main determining factor of cost. Small businesses with a handful of offices and a common area or two should be relatively inexpensive to have professionally cleaned. As the square footage and number of offices increase, the costs go up—but square footage is not the only factor. Professional cleaners also have to look at things like common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and frequently used areas. There may be areas of your office that don’t need service as often as other areas. Cleaning companies who understand this, and are willing to work with you to establish a custom plan, are more likely to give you a more economical deal.

2. The type of business and how often you need cleaning

Not all businesses generate the same levels of grime, dust and dirt. For example, retail outlets in snowy areas will need floor and rugs serviced constantly. Businesses with heavy foot traffic and frequently used bathrooms and/or kitchens will need cleaning more often than quiet, administrative spaces where most of the work is done with a desk and chair. Reputable office cleaning companies will take these factors into account when giving you an estimate.

3. The level of professionalism and skill involved

When it comes to cleaning companies, many business managers have had a bad experience at some point in their careers. Often times, this is because they went with the absolute lowest cost estimate instead of focusing on value and professionalism. Some cleaning companies will send staff to your business with very little training, and in some cases they’ll even lack the proper equipment. This will ultimately prove stressful and will hurt your productivity as you scramble to explore other options.

Finding the best value in your local area

Finding a cleaning company that works with you and deliver the service you need—and stay within a set budget—is an important aspect of managing a business. By putting more energy into the process up front, you’ll hopefully be able to establish a good relationship with a trusted cleaning company who will service your business in a cost-effective and thorough way. Ultimately, office cleaning is about freeing you up to focus on your own productivity and that of your staff.

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