Moving Apartments? 3 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company

cleaning crewIf you’re a renter, you know how exciting it can be to move apartments. A new location and layout, new amenities, and (hopefully) a more functional lifestyle. It’s a chance to start again, get rid of unwanted possessions, and improve your quality of life. Statistically speaking, most renters feel happier with their new apartments than they did with their old ones.

But moving apartments is no picnic. It also comes with a unique set of stresses and challenges. First, there’s the actual moving. This often requires the help of friends or professional movers. And there’s another important element: The cleaning.

Most landlords require a thorough cleaning of the apartment in order to pass final inspection. If the cleaning wasn’t done properly, they’ll take a bite out of your damage deposit—and of course, you don’t want that. Especially if you’re putting up a damage deposit for your new place.

Here are the top three reasons to consider professional cleaning services for the apartment you’re vacating:

1. It’s less stressful

Moving is an exciting but stressful experience, and the to-do list is long. Most people continue to work full-time jobs during a move, which means everything has to be done on evenings and weekends. When you factor in everything that has to be done, cleaning becomes one of the most stressful (and unpleasant) aspects of the moving experience. People are often surprised at how affordable it is to bring in certified professional cleaners to life the burden for them.

2. The results are excellent

Have you ever worked hard to clean an apartment, only to have the landlord complain about the quality of the cleaning? It can be tough to focus on cleaning well when you have a thousand other things to think about, and you may not even have the tools or skills to do the job properly. Professional apartment cleaning services offer an advantage here because they deliver consistent results that surpass most non-professional cleaning efforts. Reputable companies will also make things right if you (or your landlord) have any complaints.

3. It saves time and money

Professional cleaning costs money, but saves time and stress. It also knocks the problem of cleaning off your list and frees you up to focus on other things, including work. Many renters find that ultimately, professional cleaning is the cheapest overall option during a busy move.

Is professional cleaning right for you?

It’s true that professional cleaning isn’t free, and if you’re in a tight financial spot, doing the cleaning yourself might be a way to save a few bucks. On the other hand, doing the job properly requires cleaning supplies, time and energy. Many people find that the stress of cleaning their old apartment is simply not worth it.

But how do you know you’re working with a reputable company who will deliver the results you need? Look for companies with a strong track record, great testimonials from clients, and certifications from trade organizations like IICRC. You should be able to find out quickly, whether online or on the phone, whether the company can meet your needs within your budget.

Good luck with your move, and thanks for reading! Feel free to leave your comments below.