4 Things to Look for in a Professional Cleaning Company

housecleaning_servicesHave you ever hired a professional to clean your home or business? If not, you probably wonder what the process is actually like—and whether it’s really worth your time and money. For instance, what kind of equipment does the company bring? Will they need to move possessions or furniture in order to perform the job? And perhaps most importantly, are the results really better when you bring in professional help?

It’s important to find answers to these questions before you move forward with a professional cleaning company. After all, it’s an investment—and you want it to pay off by lowering stress and keeping your environment clean throughout the week or month. When you don’t get the results you want, or when you deal with an inexperienced or “fly by night” cleaning company, the overall experience can actually add stress to your cleaning routine.

That’s why it’s important to find professionals who have experience, a strong track record, good testimonials, and a methodical approach—starting with the first time you make contact through to the actually cleaning appointments. Most companies with these traits will go about your cleaning projects using some or all of the following steps.

1. Easy First Contact

Most pro cleaning companies will have contact forms right on their web site, and you’ll be able to describe your needs up front. Someone will then follow up with an email or phone call to discuss your cleaning needs in greater depth. Whether that first contact takes place over the phone, through email, or during a personal visit to the company’s office, it should be easy to reach out and you should hear back within 1 or 2 business days. The best companies are cordial throughout the process of getting to know your cleaning needs, and will answer all your questions patiently. If a company is curt, or a staff member behaves as though your business doesn’t matter, then delivering excellent results is also likely to be a matter of little importance for them.

2. Customized estimates

Your cleaning needs are unique, and the rates you pay for cleaning services should reflect the work you actually need done. Some companies charge flat fees or blanket rates that don’t take their clients unique needs into account—this can result in you paying more. Reputable companies have flexible rate schedules that are based on what you actually need. In terms of estimates, rates and flexibility, your convenience should come before that of the company.

Initial contact will often lead to a personal visit to your home or business. Companies that do this are likely to charge fairer and more accurate rates for their services, and are able to offer specific recommendations that meet your needs and your budget.

3. Methodical workmanship

When choosing a professional cleaner, look at the tools, methods and efficiency with which the company works. If there were no difference between professional and DIY cleaning, there would be little reason to seek professional help. When your initial contact and assessment are conducted thoroughly and efficiently, the actual cleaning work is likely to be thorough and efficient also. Professionals make the most of their time, use special equipment, and make use of their physical movements to achieve the best results in a time-efficient way. When you observe your cleaning company at work, you should be able to notice the skill and professionalism.

4. Taking your feedback

Companies who are less professional are more likely to judge their work according to their own standards, even if the client is dissatisfied. When you move toward the more professional end of the spectrum, you’ll find companies that are totally focused on making clients happy. Yes, they have specific routines and methods—but the most important thing is providing a customized cleaning service that takes the client’s unique needs into account.

The bottom line

Each of these four traits denote professionalism, efficiency, experience, and a service-oriented approach. Clients often have negative experiences when they don’t know what to look for, and hire a company that lacks a skilled, professional approach.

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