How to Clean Grout: To Scrub or Not to Scrub

If you are dealing with grout, you may notice that even after scrubbing the floors, they still look messy. Grout is what stands between dirty-looking surfaces and ones that look pristine. The main reason behind this is that grout is porous, and thus absorbs any spills, grime, and grease that it encounters. Understanding how you can clean grout not only extends the life of your surfaces, but also keeps them looking fantastic. This article gives a deep insight into how you can clean grout, and clears the concern regarding scrubbing when doing grout cleaning.

How to Clean Grout – Step-by-Step

Step One: Preparation

Before you get started, it is good to do some preparation work to ensure everything goes according to plan. The first thing you ought to do is get your cleaning solutions in order. During this step, you should understand that acidic or highly caustic cleaners such as bleach might corrode the tile finishes. This is something you would not want to happen, especially if you are dealing with soft grout. With that in mind, if the grout is deeply stained, then you need to have other effective cleaning solutions with you. To ensure outstanding results, you will need to use grout cleaning supplies such as baking soda, a stiff bristle brush, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide.

When it comes to actual removal, the first step you need to take is prepare the area by spraying some hot water and scrubbing the top grout with a bristle brush like a toothbrush. Doing this helps remove any dirt and grime on the upper surface.

Step Two: Mix the Cleaning Agent and Apply It

The next step you have to take is mix up the cleaning solution. To do this, you need to make a paste using either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, or both. For this procedure, we will use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.

After ensuring that the cleaning solution is mixed up properly, the next step is to apply the resulting solution onto the grout and let it settle for about 15 minutes. Doing this is key, as it allows the solution to work on the pores, leading to clean grout lines.

Step Three: Floor Scrubbing

Using a soft brush, consider scrubbing the grout lines on the floor or tiles to eliminate any dirt that could be trapped in the pores.

Step Four: Rinse

After scrubbing for some time, you will need to rinse the surface. In case of any remaining grout, you can clean it up by repeating steps two and three.

How to Clean Grout without Scrubbing

If you did not know, scrubbing floor tile grout can mess up the surface, attracting high maintenance costs in the future. This is why we suggest that you use a soft brush, if you still insist on scrubbing. However, if you want to clean grout without scrubbing, this part of the article will provide you with some solutions you can implement.

Cleaning grout without scrubbing entails not using a brush in the cleaning process. The best alternative to a brush is a piece of cloth or mop. You can use similar cleaning agents as highlighted above such as baking soda, cleaning vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, but this time you will use a mop or cloth instead of brush.

Despite this, it is good to note that cleaning grout without scrubbing is good for your tiles, but you will need more time to get the job done. This is the main reason why we suggest you use a soft brush in your cleaning routine.

How to Maintain Your Grout

Grout cleaning is a tough job to do. Therefore, you need to avoid this as much as possible. You need to inspect your grout several times a year, or reseal it if need be. You can test whether the grout needs to be resealed by dribbling some water on it. If the grout absorbs it fast, then it may be a good idea to reseal it as soon as possible.

When it comes to resealing, you should use a sealant ideal for your type of tile, as this ensures maximum protection.


If you are a tile owner, a time comes when the grout reaches a point of sheer embarrassment. During this point, the best thing you can do is clean the grout. Luckily, we have explained the best ways to go about this. Therefore, you should be better placed to deal with the grout in your home.