5 Benefits of Professionally Buffing and Waxing Your Hardwood Floor

Buffing and waxing have significant benefits on certain types of flooring such as linoleum, unfinished cork floors, and timber. Hardwood floors can add classic elegance to your home after waxing, as it prolongs their lifespan and restores their gleam. This floor finishing technique uses a thin layer or clear or colored wax that is applied to a hardwood floor and then buffed to a shine.

The wax thickens into a protective seal as the solvents in the wax evaporate to minimize minor imperfections and increase stain resistance. Although you might be considering a DIY project, there are a few reasons why you should have it done by professionals. In this article, we will be looking at five benefits of professionally buffing and waxing your hardwood floor.

  1.    Quality Installation

Working with a competent professional guarantees a quality flooring service. They have incomparable training and expertise to complete the project in a timely manner. In addition, they use top-notch equipment that makes the job easier and provides impeccable quality. You may not have the required skill level to take on the flooring project by yourself. Some of the issues you need to take into account include how to use the construction tools, how to prepare the surface, and how to fix potential mistakes. Professionally buffing and waxing your hardwood floor ensures that the project is completed adequately and to your satisfaction.

  1.    Prolongs Floor Life

There is no doubt that your hardwood floor may encounter scratches with time especially when it experiences heavy traffic. These imperfections contribute to your floor’s dullness, which needs replacing if not resolved early enough. Quality buffing and waxing a hardwood floor protects it from stains and eliminates all kinds of imperfections, as it gives a new and shiny appearance. Several coats of wax are applied over the sealer coat to preserve your floor and protect it from wear. Besides protecting the surface from scratches, scuffs, and grit, the sacrificial wax coating provides comfortable touch and adds beauty to your hardwood floors.

  1.    Maintains Cleanliness

One of the primary reasons why most homeowners choose to have their hardwood floors professionally buffed and waxed is that it helps maintain cleanliness. It is difficult to keep your kitchen or living room floor clean especially if it encounters frequent traffic. Sometimes we cannot ask everyone to take out shoes before stepping on the floor. Waxing your hardwood floors adds a protective layer that makes it easier to clean and maintain. Because of this reason, you will not spend a lot of time scrubbing tough stains on your floor in case of accidental spills.

  1.    Eliminates Moisture

Another benefit is that buffing and waxing your floor eliminates moisture that may be trapped in between the boards. Moisture can damage your floor, which can make it costly to repair in the future. Water leakages or spillage creates water paddles on floors that can result in wood rot or facilitate mold growth. This means that if nothing is done to resolve the problem, your hardwood floor will deteriorate faster thus increasing the costs associated with repair or replacement. Professionally waxing our hardwood floor increases its durability and protects it from elements such as moisture.

  1.    Boosts Overall Beauty

Clear wax gives a glossier feel and a shiny look that cannot be achieved by mopping or vacuuming. Colored waxes also offer the same benefits and add an attractive tint that makes your hardwood floors even richer. It enhances the natural color of the wood and gives a beautiful soft luster to your surface. A professionally waxed floor can completely transform the look of your home as it brightens the entire room. You can enhance the longevity of your floor using incomparable quality waxing material and innovative technology that makes them look shiny all year round.

Professional wax finishes usually soak and harden, causing a protective penetrating seal on the floor. Only cleaning liquids, buffing pastes and solvent-based waxes that are specifically designed for hardwood floors should be used as they preserve the quality of the coating. It is important to use cleaning products made specifically for wax finishes to help preserve the underlying coats. Carefully follow the instructions to determine how long the product should stay on the floor. A new coat of wax can always be applied when needed to restore luster. Professionally buffing and waxing hardwood floors offers a set of benefits that makes it popular among modern homeowners. Apart from increasing durability, it eliminates all kinds of imperfections by giving your floors a new and shiny appearance.