Top 7 House Cleaning Details You Must Pay Attention To

Regardless of how much you love and enjoy doing house chores, sometimes cleaning can be very problematic and full of endless hassles. Dirt and debris can be hidden in unexpected places where even clean freaks can find it very difficult to trace. It is therefore very vital to be keen and pay close attention to details that might end up bringing future problems if they are not handled at the onset. Cleaning up these details is important because it helps prevent the filth from piling up, leading to germs that could be fatal if left unhandled. This article looks at various cleaning details that should not be ignored when cleaning the house.

  1. Furniture and Cabinet Top

Homeowners often forget to clean furniture and cabinet tops as well as other areas like picture frames and the corners of the ceiling. You should routinely check these places without ignoring what is beyond your line of view. If there is any dirt and debris, you need to clean it up using a microfiber cloth.

With regard to furniture, you should be ready and willing to do the dirty work and inspect any dust or dirt that might have accumulated or piled up under the bed. You should scrub such regions and you can implement a vacuum cleaner or a mop to do the job.

  1. Closet Floors, Walls and Baseboards

Closet floors are very prone and susceptible to insects and mold. You should therefore do regular cleaning and then remove, fold or rearrange them later. You need to scrub the closet floors regularly as they are often considered like a non-factor when it comes to cleaning the house, meaning they are usually quite easy to forget.

There ought to be as much emphasis in cleaning the walls and the baseboards just like there is in cleaning the floors. You can employ a duster to clean from top to bottom, as it aids to trap the particles easily. You should be very wary and cautious as you clean the walls since switches and knobs must be handled with care.

  1. Home Plants

Plants growing in the house tend to have a lot of piled up dirt regardless of whether they are alive or fake. You should therefore take them out and run some water through them in order to remove the accumulated dust. It is good to note that some houseplants are too big and may thus necessitate the use of a microfiber cloth in order to wipe the leaves properly and individually.

  1. Appliances

Appliances entail washing machines, coffeemaker, dishwashers etc. Sometimes you can clearly notice that your clothes are not as crispy as they used to be. This major red flag may imply it time to clean your washing machine. You can use some baking soda and vinegar and clean it in just one cycle. Another appliance like the coffee maker needs to be cleaned every day. Therefore, a simple rinsing cannot help. You can use vinegar and water to thoroughly clean the coffeemaker and prevent any potential growth of mold.

  1. Curtains

This includes house curtains and shower curtains too. You should not omit curtains when you are doing thorough house cleaning. Most curtains can be easily cleaned with the use of a washing machine. However, some need very delicate cleaning with instructions and details that you should adhere to. To clean the curtains, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

  1. Railing, Handles, Switches and Knobs.

Many homeowners usually forget the aforementioned parts of a house when doing house cleaning. Consider using white vinegar and a multipurpose cleaner to clean the railing, handles, knobs, and switches. These parts are touched so many times on the course of the day. You should thus not neglect them in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs.

  1. Under Appliances

You should not only clean you clean appliances, but also the area under them. To do this, consider overturning your washing machines, refrigerators, stove or burner and clean the area under them. These places under the appliances are often full of dust and dirt. You should use a brush and a vacuum to clean the coils. The sides of the appliances should also be cleaned with a rag and some soap.

This article has exhaustively discussed varying cleaning details that you ought to pay attention to when cleaning your house. This is geared towards ensuring that your house is clean and without any dirt and debris that might pose any health concerns.