5 Must Know Tips for Cleaning Outside Hard to Reach Windows

The unsightly look of dirty windows can give a bad impression to anyone visiting your home, especially when inviting guests over the weekend. The dirt that builds up on your windows over time may eventually start to filter out the sunlight coming into your home. It may require a lot of effort to clean your downstairs exterior windows but you will not need to perch precariously on a ladder to reach them.

However, other windows are just too high or too risky to clean. Fortunately, there are several ways on how to clean outside windows without the risk of slipping and falling from a ladder. The height of the windows and cleaning angles pose a significant danger to a homeowner. If you are experiencing the same problem, here are five must-know tips on how to clean outside windows you can’t reach.

  1. An Extendable Window Squeegee

Safety is the most important thing you should keep in mind when your window is only accessible by ladder. One of the ways on how to clean glass windows from outside is to use a window squeegee.  An extendable window squeegee allows you to clean high windows from ground level without the need to climb a ladder because they can be extended to several meters. You have to stand at a point where you can clean your windows comfortably. A window squeegee features an advanced microfiber on one side and a high-quality squeegee on the other side. Simply dampen the pad so that you can remove the dirt on your windows. Afterward, you can use the side with a flat smooth rubber blade to wipe your windows dry.

  1. A Magnetic Window Cleaner

Apartment dwellers may find it quite difficult to clean outside windows that fail to unlatch. It is also risky to teeter dangerously on a window ledge in an attempt to clean hard-to-reach windows. A magnetic window cleaner is a great tool that can easily eliminate all the grime and dirt from your windows without any risks. It is also faster than a squeegee because it cleans both sides of your window at once. A magnetic window cleaner uses microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off the liquid cleaning product being used. It is important to use it gently since pushing it around too quickly can disconnect the magnets while cleaning.

  1. A U-shaped Telescopic Pole

Another way on how to clean outdoor windows from inside is by using a U-shaped telescopic pole. It is an apartment friendly window cleaning kit designed with a circular sponge with two cleaning cloths and a squeegee. It works best on sliding windows since the handle can be extended to about four feet long. Unlike a magnetic window cleaner, the U-shaped telescopic pole is highly capable of removing most of the funk on double hung windows.

  1. Removing Sliding Windows

Standard sliding windows can be lifted out of their track to be cleaned inside the house. It is advisable to lay down a cover to protect your work area since window frames can sometimes be dirty. This procedure needs to be done with extreme caution since poor handling can cause the glass to break or crack. Security doors and storm windows are also designed to be disassembled for easier access. This makes it easier to clean before assembling them in the same order once you are done.

  1. A Professional Cleaning Company

Although an extendable window squeegee or a U-shaped telescopic pole may eliminate the need to use a ladder, it may not be appropriate for some type of windows. For example, it is no use cleaning with a window squeegee if it puts you in the middle of the road. It is also difficult to clean windows that do not latch using a u-shaped telescopic pole. It is advisable to hire a professional window cleaning service to handle the job for you if you cannot clean your windows safely.

All the above tools can help clean your windows and give them a sparkling look. However, other windows may require more than just the reach of hands or extendable poles. The type of tool or equipment you use for your window may vary depending on its level of accessibility, whether you are cleaning it from the outside or inside. If you cannot clean your windows properly using the recommended tools and equipment, you can always seek help from a professional window cleaning company to avoid injuries or fatal falls when cleaning.