10 Things You Should Absolutely Have On Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring is the time of the year with a good and warm weather, which makes it a great time to give your home a full and thorough cleaning. Since you have newfound energy, you need to take advantage of it to declutter and clean all areas. You do not want to leave anything to chance, and this is the reason why we have highlighted 10 major things that should not miss on your spring cleaning list.

  1. The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and is where most things take place. Due to this reason, you might forget to clean numerous areas. Apart from the floor, be sure to clean the walls and ceilings, including light fixtures, switch plates, and air vents. Also, give your drawers, cabinets, garbage disposal, curtains, and blinds a thorough wash. Do not forget to clean the outside and inside of your oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher.  

  1. Bedrooms

You might not know it, but the bedroom offers a perfect place for dust to settle due to the nature of your beddings. Therefore, when doing spring cleaning, you should first wash your bed linens, including pillowcases, mattress pad, blankets, sheets, and duvet. In addition to this, consider vacuuming your area rugs, window treatments, and light fixtures. Moreover, clean the walls, carpets, and floors thoroughly.

  1. The Living Area

The living area is where you relax with family and friends while you watch your favorite TV shows. For this reason, dirt, grime, and food particles are very common in the living area space. So, clean the couch, carpets, and rugs. Also, clean the ceiling and walls and reorganize furniture and other items to improve the flow of your living room.

  1. Hallway

The hallway is one place that many homeowners forget about during their spring cleaning project. Luckily, we are here to remind you. So, ensure you clean winter coats, jackets, and accessories like mittens, hats, and gloves. Furthermore, you should vacuum window treatments, area rugs, and the floor.

  1. Bathrooms

Spring cleaning offers an ideal time for you to give your bathrooms a pristine look. You should work on those floors and walls to remove any grime stuck there over several months. Remember to clean curtains, blinds, showerheads, taps and the ceiling. You should also remove any expired beauty products and cosmetics.

  1. The Dining Room

The dining room is an area where you are likely to find food particles on the floor, furniture, and baseboards. Therefore, the first thing you should do when spring cleaning your dining room is to vacuum the floor, upholstered furniture, area rugs, baseboards, and air vents. Doing this will help remove any particles and grime on the surfaces.

  1. Small Appliances

Small appliances are something that many people miss during spring cleaning. However, appliances like coffee makers, can openers, and toaster ovens should be cleaned. This is a good way to prevent food contamination.

  1. Personal Gadgets

Personal appliances like cellphones should also be on your spring cleaning list. Research shows that your phone is dirtier than both the bottom of your shoe and your toilet seat. Consider swiping a disinfectant over your phone, tablet, and computer.

  1. Pet’s Beddings

If left dirty for long, your pet’s beddings can become dust and allergen magnets. To prevent this, you should remember to clean them thoroughly. While doing this, be sure to follow the instructions put forth by the manufacturer.

  1. Other Things You Should Clean

When spring cleaning, be sure to clean door handles, keys, pet feeding dishes, remote controls, your garage, ceiling fans, and lamp shades. If you have an outdoor living area, ensure the patio furniture and deck are clean. You should also trim any flowers, trees, and bushes growing outside.

Spring cleaning entails scrubbing and polishing every nook and cranny to ensure that your whole house gleams. Spring is that time of the year to clear out the things you no longer need and do some deep cleaning of your home. Since you want to ensure everything in your house is left clean, you do not want to leave anything to chance. This is the reason why you should follow the aforementioned checklist in regards to spring cleaning. It will not only help you not to miss anything, but will also allow you to do things in a systematic way. If you find your spring cleaning project too overwhelming, then you should consider reaching out to a professional to help you out.