What Services Are Usually Included? What Services Are Usually Not Included?

house_cleaningWhat’s included:

Typically, changing sheets, microwave inside, light organizing while cleaning and moving furniture are all things that a thorough cleaning service should include. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed thoroughly including edges. Wood, wood-like, laminate, etc.… should be vacuumed thoroughly and then mopped. All furniture polished, knickknacks wiped down, blinds and moldings kept up, upholstery vacuumed including the cushions being removed and vacuumed underneath! Light fixtures are maintained including ceiling fans. Bathrooms are disinfected and cleaned as well as your kitchen.

What’s usually not included:

Things typically that are not included are the inside of the refrigerator and/or oven. Inside of china cabinets including all the contents inside being washed and put back at your request. Windows inside and out, upholstery/carpet cleaning, power washing, mattress sanitizing, wood floor wax buffing, floor tile and grout scrubbing. These services can be done by a full service company like Always Immaculate, Inc., at your request.