Top 4 Tips For Painless Oven Cleaning

Time to clean the oven? Before you start to cringe and groan, we all know how time consuming it can be – not to mention how boring, tedious … yet necessary, it is. Oven cleaning is by far one of the most hated jobs to do around the home.

In fact, research from around the world has found exactly that! A survey in the United Kingdom by a company called Oven Pride found that in 2000 people interviewed, oven cleaning was the most hated chore. And of course it’s no wonder. Who wants to get up to the elbows in grease and leftovers, when you could be sitting around sipping a wine instead?

Unfortunately though, it has to be done, so we thought we’d make the process easier for you by giving you our top 5 tips for painless oven cleaning.

Number 1: Get a professional cleaner to come and do the work for you! Honestly, there is nothing more refreshing than getting home from a long day at the office to a house that is immaculate – and an oven that is spotlessly clean and ready for use. Hire someone who knows what they are doing, is experienced, and who uses the right chemicals or materials to get the job done effectively.

Number 2: Vinegar and Baking Soda. If you DO want to get stuck into it yourself (maybe you’re the kind of person who gets great satisfaction from cleaning the impossible), this is our best tip if you want to go with natural ingredients. Mix half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water. Make it into a paste. Spread it over the surface (avoiding the heating elements), and leave it sit there overnight. Wipe it off in the morning, and if you have leftover residue, spray a little bit of white vinegar over it. Wipe again until all the paste is gone and your oven is left sparking!

Number 3: Give it a good soaking. If you want to get your oven racks nice and clean, the best option is to leave them in hot water overnight. All you need is a little detergent in there. The laundry is probably the best place as the sink is usually larger there, or you might need to put it in the bath instead (though this can get a little messy and will result in you having to clean the bath out as well to get rid of any leftover oils and grime in the tub).

Number 4: Strong chemicals. Although most of us these days prefer not to use harsh chemicals in our homes, particularly in our kitchens, if your oven is in dire need of attention (maybe it hasn’t been cleaned since you moved into the home 10 years ago), then you might need something a little more harsh than vinegar! There are a range of options available from your local supermarket and some are known for their strong cleaning capabilities due to the mixed chemical ingredients. Keep in mind though; if you do prefer less harsh products, you can also shop around for some citrus based cleaners or natural products.

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