How Do You Clean Your Sofa and Carpet?

Many people perceive cleaning a sofa and a carpet to be a very arduous task. However, it is just a normal household task, which should be treated like other ordinary chores if all the requisite cleaning steps and cleaning tips are observed. This is because they simplify the cleaning although many people remain oblivious and unaware of how to clean the sofa and the carpet leaving them squeaky clean without exerting a lot of unnecessary strenuous effort for something that can be done seamlessly without strain whilst achieving the desired results. This article discusses the various ways in which you can clean your sofa and carpet.

Cleaning Sofas

  • Following the Clearly Stipulated Codes

Cleaning a sofa sometimes entails following the codes well spelled out on the sofa tags. They are usually overlooked by they contain critical vital information pertaining to how the sofa ought to be cleaned without ruining it by employing the wrong cleaning methods.

sofa and carpet cleaning

The cleaning codes either denote cleaning either using water-based cleaners with water as the main component, solvents where chemicals are used as the main cleaning ingredient or water-based cleaners and solvent, which entails a combination of both. Having full knowledge regarding the best cleaning component can aid you to figure out how to undertake this endeavor without causing damage to your sofa or the fabric therein to also avoid any deterioration.

  • Spot Treating

This is done when there is no certainty about the best way of cleaning the sofa. You might be uncertain about whether water or a solvent is the right way to do it or in the absence of the aforementioned manufacturer tags with the appropriate directions. You can therefore test your intended product of use on a spot on the sofa keenly looking for any discoloration before proceeding to use to arrest any possible harm before it actualizes.

  • Vacuum

This is used as a precursor prior to the actual cleaning itself. Vacuuming aids to remove particulates and other deposits in readiness for the actual cleaning itself thus ensuring that the cleaning will be rendered much easier as the stains will be readily visible and thus simpler to eliminate. It is therefore a decent way of cleaning the sofa that offers ultimate simplification of the entire process in general culminating in a very clean sofa once the cleaning is complete.

  • Use a Dry Brush

Similar in functionality to vacuuming, a dry brush aids to bring the dirt to the surface thus simplifying the actual cleaning once it commences. A dry brush has strong bristles which help to plow deep into the sofa and bring forth all the hidden dirt and particles which could otherwise not be revealed if the cleaning begins by plunging deep using water or other solvents without due regard to the deeply ingrained dirt which can go unnoticed if it’s not addressed sufficiently.

  • Baking Soda

This entails the use of either the dry or wet baking soda solution. It is a decent way of loosening particles and dirt and its allowed to sit in or soak if it’s wet solution for around 20 minutes to allow the complete absorption of all the stains prior to the vacuuming to guarantee a full thorough clean.

Carpet Cleaning

It is safe to state and surmise that there can be a huge similarity in some of the ways employed in cleaning the sofa and the carpet. This can only entail some slight variation in the solvents used and with regard to the actual application of some of these methods.

A routine carpet-cleaning encounter entails the removal of dirt through vacuuming and spot cleaning the most common stains inflicted by pet accidents, ink, polish among other varying stains. The cleaning can be done using diverse natural organic or chemical solvents such a vinegar and baking soda. A carpet can also be cleaned by steaming after an application of the aforementioned solvents.

This starts with vacuuming and pretreating the stains, which is done by spot cleaning to ensure that you are ready for the deep cleaning session thus making sure that you will not just be pushing dirt around while deep cleaning which could be ironical and self-defeating without attaining the intended results. This is followed by mixing the solvents; either vinegar or baking soda and applying it, waiting it to soak in before blotting it out with a piece of microfiber cloth. This is then followed by allowing the carpet to air dry by opening the windows for some decent air circulation or you could use oscillating fans for some quicker results.

Now that you know how to clean your sofa and carpet, it is time to get started. Be sure to stock up on the necessary supplies and try these methods. With a little effort, your furniture and carpets will be looking as good as new in no time.