How Do You Wash Windows With The “S” Technique?

Window cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks by both homeowners and business owners. Everything else such as the floors and upholstery will be cleaned but the windows just seem to be forgotten every time. This should not be the case because nothing makes a room look brighter and feel bigger than cleaning windows.

When you finally make the decision to clean windows, it is good to use the right method and equipment to ensure you are able to do a great job. One technique you should definitely be implementing is the S technique. This article gives more details about this specific method.

How to Wash Windows Using The S Technique

Window cleaning experts suggest that you use the S technique to clean your windows. This is because it saves time, as it does not leave streaks behind. This is how to clean windows using this method.

Worker Cleaning Soap Sud On Window With Squeegee

Start by spraying a cleaning liquid on your window ad try removing the dirt using a light brush. The cleaning liquid is meant to help the squeegee glide with ease and not scratch the windowpane. Get your squeegee and place it close to the top of the window, a few inches from the side frame. You could also position it at the middle of the glass but close to the top. This helps minimize the water needed to wipe the frames clean.

Once the squeegee is in perfect position, start moving it in an S motion from top to bottom. While doing this, be sure to track the squeegee to ensure you can reach all corners. Remember to go back to where you started as you glide to the other side. This helps eliminate the possibility of creating streaks on the panes.

Do as many S motions as you need to ensure the glass is clean. When done, wipe the water from the sill using the squeegee. You should also consider drying off the frames by implementing a lint-free towel.

Other Window Cleaning Tips You Need

  • Remove Curtains and Blinds

If you can, we suggest that you remove curtains and blinds and give them a thorough clean too. There is nothing as bad as having clean windows with dirty curtains and blinds. Having this will mean that you almost did nothing. Be sure to also clean dust and any cobwebs around the window.

  • Use Your Own Cleaning Solutions

Instead of purchasing cleaning products, you can make your own solutions. For instance, you can add about two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water in a bucket. This can be a great cleaning solution but might not be good for killing bacteria. If eliminating bacteria is a priority for you, consider adding some ammonia but remember to wear gloves.

  • Start by Cleaning the Window Frames

Consider starting with the window frames first. This prevents dirty water from dripping on clean panes. You can clean the frames using a wet sponge. However, if you are dealing with a lot of dirty, consider using mild detergent.

  • Do Window Cleaning at the Right Time

Timing your window cleaning is of utmost importance because you have to ensure you clean windows at an ideal time. You might think that doing the cleaning on a sunny day is great but that is not the case because sunshine creates glare on the glass, making it hard for you to see the level of cleanliness. Too much sun also dries the cleaning solution fast, leaving streaks on the window. Experts advise that you clean windows on a cloudy day.

  • Do Not Use an Old Cotton Rag to Dry Windows

Some individuals prefer using newspapers to dry off windowpanes. However, this is not advisable. You might want to use reusable microfiber cloths instead. They are washable, super absorbent, and leave the glass shiny and without any streaks. Be sure to go for microfiber cloths that can nab water spots, dirt, and smudges from glass and mirrors without scratching the window. If you prefer using paper towels, go for the ones that are up to this task.

The power of clean windows should not be underestimated. Sparkling clean windows can transform your entire house by inviting more light and brightness. Clean windows create an amazing view. However, doing this task can be quite overwhelming, especially if your windows are out of reach. This is why you might want the assistance of window cleaning experts. They have the needed expertise and tools to do an incredible job for you.