How to Prepare For a Residential Cleaning Service?

In addition to offering exemplary services over DIY cleaning, professional services reduce the turnover time, offer convenience and value for money. Effective preparation goes a long way in the delivery of quality and timely services.

How to prepare for cleaning services in residential properties is among the most pressing concerns most homeowners struggle with. This article focuses on some of the things you should do to prepare your house effectively for a thorough cleaning service. 

Communicate Any Instructions

Effective communication, and not just any communication, plays an essential role in ensuring a smooth and streamlined process. Effective communication is not just from the cleaning staff, but also from your part.

Prepare your house for cleaning service to come

If you have any specialties or additional needs like bed spreading, laundry and dish doing, you should communicate this to your cleaning service provider. This way, they will be able to accommodate those needs since these are not included in most cleaning packages. They come as extras and attract additional charges above the normal. Be sure to inform the staff of any restricted access areas in your home so that they do not trespass. 

Make Room

Making room as a way of preparing your house for a cleaning service entails moving furniture and other items obstructing free movement of the cleaning staff. It could also include you getting out of the house for the moment the house will be under cleaning. Even if you work from home, try to find some outdoor activities to engage in. For instance, you could take your loved ones out on a drive or a picnic. 

Provide Access

Free access is the first sign that the cleaning staff is welcome in your home. Since you and your loved ones will not be around when cleaning is ongoing, consider disabling the alarm during the period the cleaning staff will be around and then arm it when they leave. This can help prevent false alarms that may scare your neighbors. If you do not know how to disable the security system, consider giving the staff passcode to the system. You do not have to worry about the passcode falling into the wrong hands; the staff operate with utmost professionalism and respect to their clients’ privacy. 

Secure Valuables

Prior to the arrival of a cleaning service team, take time to secure your valuables. If you are the type of people that easily forget where they put their items, securing your valuables is highly recommendable. This is because chances are high that you may make false theft claims against the staff when you look for something and cannot find it. However, when you secure them, say in a safe, it is hard to look for them for long. 

Secure Pets

No matter how friendly your pet might be, they will always be a distraction to the cleaning staff. Distraction to the cleaning staff may come in different forms that range from splatters, scattering of dog pellets, dirty paws, and dog pee to poop. To prevent all this, for a streamlined process, take the time to give your furry friend an outdoor playtime or a walk. Some people may opt to confine the dog with a barrier or crates but the incessant barking may send the wrong signal to the neighbors. 


The one thing that cleaning staff dislike the most is being caught up between what to discard and what not to. Cleaning workers operate with high levels of professionalism and respect to their clients’ privacy. They would never want to discard things that matter to their clients. To make their work easier for high quality results, throw away old clothes, toys, stationery, tools, cutlery, and food items. Even if you do not intend to discard, put them away. 

Identify Problem Areas

Even though cleaning service professionals always deliver quality and timely results, your input comes in handy to achieving exactly that. If you have areas that require special concerns for instance stubborn stains, you can let the staff know about them. With this information, they will know how to address the problems and achieve results that satisfy your desires. 

Another important aspect of preparing your residence for a cleaning service that is often overlooked is preparing the payment for the job. Having the payment ready is essential to maintaining good professional relationship with a cleaning company. With efficient delivery of services and timely payment regimes, the company will be more punctual in dispatching their staff to address emergencies in your home. Most importantly, it will motivate the staff in delivering even higher quality and timely services the next time you need their services.