Important Facts You Need to Know About Professional Cleaning Of Oriental Carpets

Oriental rugs are an amazing addition to any home, and especially if the rugs are antique, they can be worth a large amount of money. High quality oriental rugs need very specific care to ensure they are kept in excellent condition and retain their value and can last hundreds of years if properly looked after. History shows that oriental carpets and rugs have been in production for thousands of years, with the oldest known rug in existence being dated around 500BC.

Oriental rugs have been a popular textile in western homes for a long time, and for owners of oriental carpets or rugs, when it comes to having your rugs cleaned you should always choose to use an oriental rug cleaning specialist. Looking after your rug at home is important, but when it comes to making it last the test of time, a professional touch will do wonders.

No matter the type of rug you own, there are specific techniques for maintaining and cleaning. Whether you have Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, Oriental rugs, Indian rugs, Turkish rugs or Armenian rugs, you should entrust a professional to clean it regularly, and here are some of the reasons why:

Safe Cleaning Solutions

Professional rug cleaning companies will use chemicals that they know are safe to use on antique rugs, as well as different types of wool that are sued in these types of rugs. They will have chemicals that are safe to use, while removing even the deepest stains without ruining the rug or harming any of the fibers used to make it. This prevents premature aging of the rug as well as extending its life. Rug cleaning technicians will also be trained to ensure the most technologically advanced methods are used to clean your oriental rugs to the highest quality. This includes advanced cleaning solutions with safe chemicals, as well as the use of state of the art machinery, and the latest methods to remove stains and offer a complete clean of your rugs.

Step by Step Cleaning Processes

Professional rug cleaners use a number of different techniques to ensure your oriental rug is cleaned to perfection. These techniques can include things like pre-spotting, dye-setting, full submersion cleaning, pH correction, fringe cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning, Encapsulation carpet cleaning and deodorising. Using a range of different methods will ensure your oriental rugs will be cleaned to a high standard, ensuring the carpet can filter the allergens and dust particles in the room correctly.

Spot Removal Experts

One thing professional carpet and rug specialists are trained in is spot and stain removal. From wine spills to pet stains a professional rug cleaning expert can remove the stain using techniques and chemicals mastered during their training and experience.

Rug cleaning technicians can remove stubborn stains from antique rugs without affecting the dye of the rug and will ensure a professional finish on every job.

Specialist Care on Chinese Rugs

Chinese rugs require very special care, and professional rug cleaners will know the exact techniques based on the type of rug you need cleaned. Chinese rugs can lose thickness and fade if they are washed using chemicals and using an expert to perform the task for you will ensure its longevity.