Is DIY Window Cleaning Dangerous?

If you have windows in your house, there is a very high chance that they will get dirty one day, requiring you to clean them and make them look pristine. When it comes to the actual work of cleaning the windows, this is usually a very overwhelming job, especially when you have many windows to clean. However, most homeowners enjoy doing window cleaning as a DIY project during the weekends or holidays.

One major point of concern in regards to window cleaning is the issue of safety, especially when cleaning hard-to-reach windows. This article talks about DIY window cleaning and explains whether it is dangerous.

DIY Window Cleaning

Before we talk about the dangers of DIY window cleaning, it is good to have a good understanding of what DIY window cleaning entails. This part of the article looks into some important steps you need to take when doing window cleaning by yourself.

  • Select a Dry and Cloudy Day

If you are doing DIY window cleaning, you need to go about it in a dry and cloudy day. Cleaning your windows when the sun is scorching causes the cleaner to dry on the hot windows even before you can wipe it off. This causes hard-to-remove streaks on the windows.

  • First Eliminate the Dirt and Debris

For the best possible experience when doing DIY window cleaning, you need to first sweep dirt and debris from the windows using a vacuum cleaner or brush. This helps prevent the dirt from creating a mess when mixed with water and a cleaner. It also makes your work a lot easier when cleaning the windows.

  • Use the Right Cleaner

You need to use the right cleaner if at all you want to achieve good results. You can make your own cleaner at home or buy one from your local store.

  • Implement the Right Microfiber Cloth

Some homeowners love drying windowpanes using newspaper. However, you will be much better off if you consider using a reusable microfiber cloth. It is washable, super absorbent, and leaves your window glass shiny and streak-free.

Is DIY Window Cleaning Dangerous?

DIY window cleaning should not be dangerous, as long as you implement some simple safety measures to ensure you place no risk to yourself or loved ones. To ensure everything goes smoothly, consider coming up with a plan on the best way to go about the cleaning project. This can entail implementing the right equipment for working at height and using the right cleaners.

Although DIY window cleaning is not considered dangerous, some instances like when cleaning hard-to-reach windows can pose you to the risk of falling. If you still insist on doing window cleaning at height, you should consider using a place of work that is already safe to use such as cleaning from a balcony or from inside windows. If you do not have a good place to work on, it might be a good idea for you to get the right equipment. If you cannot eliminate the risk of falling, you should take the right measures to reduce the distance or consequence of any fall. You can do this by using the right kind of fall arrest equipment.

Why You Should Consider Using a Window Cleaning Professional

DIY window cleaning might sound like a fun project to engage in. However, if you want to reduce any risks associated with DIY window cleaning, you might consider using a professional, as they have the right skills, expertise, and equipment to go about the cleaning without causing any issues. This part of the article looks at some reasons you should consider hiring a window cleaning professional.

  • A Safer Option

Windows are made in different ways. Depending on your specific windows and their location on your house, in terms of height, it can be difficult to do a DIY project. Hiring a professional means that you will have an expert that understands window safety and can thus offer an incredible cleaning service without causing any problems.

  • They Can Spot Other Problems

Apart from offering a safe service, professional window cleaners can spot other problems on your windows such as damaged frames, seals, or glass. They can thus let you know before these issues become major.

DIY window cleaning is a fun project to engage in. However if you do not have the skills and experience to do undertake the project by yourself, you might want to leave it to the professionals. This helps reduce any risks that you might pose to yourself or loved ones when cleaning the windows.